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Vacation season is here, and you may be looking forward to a well-deserved break and the opportunity to relax at the beach. But, while the idea of lazy days spent at the coast may sound appealing, stepping out in swimsuits and summer dresses can feel like a scary thought. Many people dread the thought of other people seeing them in a bikini, and feeling self-conscious about your body can ruin your plans for a relaxing trip to the beach. But, if you do feel this way, you are not alone. Research shows 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies. If you are keen to start learning to love your body and want to feel body confident at the beach this summer, there are ways to make this happen. Here are some top tips to help you feel body confident this summer and leave all your insecurities at home:

Perfect Your Outfits

The clothes you wear can significantly impact your body image. While there is much more to life than clothing, you may have noticed that searching through your closet and struggling to find something to wear can be a depressing experience when you feel that nothing looks good on you. To prevent any wardrobe issues impacting your confidence this summer, it is a good idea to prepare. Finding some summer outfits and swimsuits in shapes and colors that make you feel good can make a massive difference to your confidence, so this is the perfect excuse to hit the shops to find some outfits that you really love.

Take Action and Make Some Changes

Trying to lose 40 pounds two weeks before your vacation is never a good idea, as there is no healthy way to lose that amount of weight in a short time scale. So, it is wise to move away from the number on the scale and instead focus on achievable changes. If your arms make you feel self-conscious in a bikini or sleeveless tops, taking action to work on this area can be helpful. If you want to reduce the size of your arms without resorting to invasive surgery, then coolsculpting arms is an option to consider. Likewise, if you feel self-conscious about your stomach, sticking with non-bloating food choices in the run-up to your break is an excellent idea.

Improve Your Mindset

It is important to remember your body image is intertwined with your thoughts, so improving your mindset means you can improve the way you feel about your body without even setting foot in the gym. While you may be painfully aware of the parts of your body that your dislike, it is unlikely other people have even noticed them. Most people are too busy hung up on their own body image issues to worry about anyone else’s. But, if you do feel judged or criticized for your appearance, it is crucial to remember that your body is just your body. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for the way it looks.

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