Post: Vitamin D: What’s The Best Way To Get This Super Vitamin?

For years, vitamin C ruled the roost in the world of vitamins. This was always seen as the go-to vitamin; the answer to all of your problems. Got a cold? Get some more vitamin C in you! Want to feel more energized? Increase that vitamin C intake! 

But, in recent times, a new contender has emerged from the shadows. Nowadays, all the talk is about vitamin D. It’s a vitamin with many functions throughout the body, and there is research to suggest it can help prevent cancer cell growth and control infections. When you don’t get enough vitamin D in your system, it can lead to problems such as a loss of bone density, a lack of energy, and an increased risk of infections. 

The big question is, what’s the best way to get this super vitamin in your body? 

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Most people associate vitamin D with the sun, and this is because exposing yourself to UVB rays can encourage your skin to produce this vitamin. 

However, is this the best way to get vitamin D?

Honestly, it depends on different factors. People with darker skin may struggle to produce as much vitamin D from the sun as people with lighter skin. Also, the intensity of the sun plays a pretty big role. 

Plus, there’s the worry of over-exposing yourself. One of the most common forms of skin cancer is caused by excessive exposure to UV rays. While skin cancer treatment does exist, it is much easier and better to take preventative action. So, you wear SPF to block the UV rays and keep your skin healthy. As such, to produce vitamin D, you’d need to expose yourself to UV rays regularly, which runs the risk of sun damage to your skin. 

Ideally, if you do want to get vitamin D from the sun, you should only expose yourself to it for around 10-15 minutes a day. Go for a short walk, and then put your sunscreen on and avoid over-exposing yourself. 

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Alternatively, you can get this vitamin through a daily supplement. Yes, it is possible to get vitamin D through your diet, but most of the foods containing it are fish, which may not suit your dietary preferences. 

Instead, find a vitamin D3 supplement. The D3 part is important as this is a type of vitamin D that’s shown to do a better job of boosting the overall vitamin D levels in your body. Most supplements will give you your recommended daily amount, or slightly less. If possible, opt for a spray instead of a capsule as it absorbs the vitamin a lot better when sprayed into your mouth. 

At the end of the day, your health is important and should be put first. Vitamin D is a key vitamin that your body desperately needs. Without it, you will struggle to form strong and healthy bones, leading to an array of health problems. It also plays a big role in disease prevention and dealing with things like inflammation. The best way to get it is by taking a supplement. You can get it from the sun, but there are too many variables to consider – and you don’t want to risk staying out in the sun with no protection for too long. 

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