Texas Rapper Deetrxll teams up with Quin NFN on his single “Diss One” Deetrxll (Dylan Rhine) is a songwriter, born in New Iberia, Louisiana. Raised in Port Arthur Texas, he is one of the top on the verge artists of the year. The Port Arthur native recently released his new single “DISS ONE ” featuring Quin NFN. “Diss One” is produced by Dixon. The song is about Deetrxll making it out of the hood and never going back. The lyrics include hard times coming up as an artist from a…

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Tekforce Unveils “Never Again” Single

Seasoned Hip Hop artist TekForce releases “Never Again.” The self-produced (TekForce for LightCycle Ent Productions) single is taken from the forthcoming album titled ‘Child of the 80’s’. Over a blend of infections drums and bass, and invigorating tones, the Texas-based MC drops lyrical jewels worth taking heed to. Never again will he entertain rival friends…never again will his mighty pen be stopped…He’s living his best life while others are stuck in the shade.   Although Tek’s clever wordplay drives the track, Hip Hop enthusiasts are sure to head-nod along while…

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LUXST – Beauty and the Beast (Video)

Texas based R&B singer LUXST releases visuals for enticing “Beauty and the Beast” tale. The R&B sensation pursues his beauty and wins her heart through what appears to be a mystical garden. His smooth vocals and tender lyrics convince his beauty that he will indeed do anything in the world to prove his contentions are true. Watch “Beauty and the Beast” and connect with LUXST on Instagram @luxstingforyou.

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Iam Me “Shyne” Video Ft. JLC

A.A.G. Records presents Fort Worth, Texas Iam Me “Shyne” single and video featuring JLC. The seasoned double threat comes heavily to paint a vivid canvas of a hard-headed past ready to greet a future with shining spotlights. The catchy hood and infectious production move Iam Me and JLC into a zone manifested by wins. Watch “Shyne” and connect below. https://instagram.com/iammedeon?igshid=lbd0j2gds7yx https://www.instagram.com/jlcaagrecords/ https://www.allaroundaag.com/

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Texas P “I’m So Hot” Video Ft. Ivelice Quezada

Seasoned artist Texas P links with Ivelice Quezada for an enticing new video titled “I’m So Hot.” The chemistry between the duo is comparable to that of Mary J. Blige and Method Man in “You’re All I Need”, in a rendered and innovative fashion. Texas P is searching for his queen, one of the baddest b’s around who can match his grind and success. Quezada comes along with her boisterous vocals of seduction and a nightly excursion that is unstoppable. The pulsating bass blended with soulful beats sets the tone…

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Trey Kams- Vitamins @treykams_

Trey Kams introduces the world to his new EP called “Vitamins”, featuring 5 different artists. One single, “Me & E”, seen a visual treatment to back it and was launched via Above All on YouTube. Trey Kams is an up and coming producer, DJ and engineer from Dallas, Texas; currently living in Boston. Focusing on hip hop, he blends a variety of different sounds to create his music with heavy emphasis on drums and keyboard elements. With a range of influences, his music portrays unique vibes in every song, incorporating…

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LouiV aka Xotic Ft Tommy Versace – Cautious @1LouiV

“Cautious” by Dallas/Fort Worth based LouiV is an exotic sounding single featuring Tommy Versace. The pair stake their claim in the rap scene with over a decade in the business, reaching the top 100 urban charts twice and now aiming to do so for a third time. The song consists of catchy synths slick lyrics and a simply fun vibe that will have you ready to show any lady what it’s like to boss up. Check it out now on Soundcloud.

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Lester, Nowhere – Whistle in the Wind


“Whistle in the Wind” is a single from Lester’s upcoming album “Ghosts Will Take Care of You”, which just released on March 21st. The soulful track features vocals from Danny Watts, a talented rapper from Houston, who’s signed to Jonwayne’s label, Authors Recording Company. Lester, Nowhere was born in 1998. Originally named Arturo, he grew up listening to Black Sabbath while playing with Lego, Kurt Cobain while learning to draw, and Mogwai all along. At the age of 12 he fell in love with hip hop, and never looked back.…

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MSP Sonny, Swindle & Kae One – Trill Time (@CertifiedOutfit)

Trill Time

“Trill Time” is a cross country collaborative effort connecting Washington and Texas together. Dallas singer/rapper MSP Sonny joins Certified Outfit’s Swindle and affiliate Kae One for a smooth, upscale soldier anthem Vivid Visual Films captures the essence of the trill demeanor as the video begins with the crew exiting the elevator to Chris Pack’s Clatter Din Studios. From that point on, we get treated to an inside glimpse of how the gentlemen cool out while laying down a potential hit in the booth. Sonny, Swindle and Kae are also accompanied…

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Avalon Ace and OG Sosa Locc – Visionary Blues

Visionary Blues

Avalon Ace and OG Sosa Locc debut the lead single, “Visionary Blues”, from their upcoming joint EP, “TheBlueTape”. This track is a smooth representation on how we outlet are feelings through the new generation as well as giving the listener a deeper meaning to the phrase “Visionary Blues” Avalon Ace is an artist out of Los Angeles, California. He’s been killing the streets with his versatility and smooth melodies. After making music all his life, he feels it’s now his destiny to pursue it as a career. OG Sosa Locc…

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