How to Choose a Red Lipstick for Your Skintone

So let’s talk for a minute. Who in the world created the rule that black women (or women of color) should not wear red lipstick?I know you’ve heard it too. Seriously, like where did this come from? Color is Color no matter WHICH color is wearing it. Yeah I said it! There is a shade of red for EVERY WOMAN!I’m not saying that all shades of red look good on everyone, That’s a matter of opinion, but if you are asking my opinion, the answer would be, “NO.” Let me explain. Understanding…

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Go Meet Your Match: Choosing the right Foundation

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It’s not always easy trying to determine which type of foundation to wear. Liquid or Powder or Cream….it’s just flat out tons of options. Then once you finally decide on what kind to wear, now you have to determine your shade. I know, I know, this is SUPER FRUSTRATING. Trust me girl, I understand. I developed a FREE Webinar to help you better understand the basics of choosing the right foundation and the shade of foundation for you. Join me this SUNDAY, APRIL 3 @ 2PM EST. You must register to be…

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How Are You Spending Your Weekends?

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How are You Spending Your Weekends? For most people Monday – Friday consists of working 9-5 at a job or in some area of profession. We all know this can get quite stressful and monotonous. Many of us go to work on Monday and LIVE for Friday to come. Fridays are one step closer to a day of peace and freedom away from the burdens of work. We live for the weekends, but how are spending our time? It took me getting into my mid 30’s to realize, I enjoy staying busy…

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