#TastemakerTuesdays Featured Tastemaker: Joe Hova @joehovasmf


My fellow respected blogger Joe Hova is on the rise with his site JoeHovasMF.com. He’s garnered a lot of attention over the last year or two because of his sincere support for indie artists. He conducts interviews, puts together live videos giving free game, and does honest and thorough reviews. As far as for your indies, he’s the man you want behind you.

Everyone posted today will truly be blessed to be reviewed by this man, he might even pick up a few he’d like to post on his own site. Below you’ll find a little more info about him.

Joe Hova is an indie hip-hop blogger who got his start in radio at the age of 18. Joe has always had a passion for music and became the Urban Program Director of his college radio station, 89.7 FM at Indiana State University at the age of 20. At the end of his college tenure, he was tasked with creating a blog for a class. That blog is now known as JoeHovasMF.com, a site solely dedicated to indie artists. After college, Joe moved to Top 40 radio and had the #1 night show in his hometown of Terre Haute, IN before moving to Augusta, GA in 2013. While in Augusta, Joe held the #1 afternoon slot for his demographic and was also the Music Director. He still has the site but has now shifted to social media marketing for a company in Orlando, FL. Joe also co-hosts the Knights of the Turntable Podcast from The Koalition and is branching into artist branding.

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