TROOFFOREVER – Forever @troofforever

Twenty-seven year old D.C. artist / designer TROOFFOREVER makes his triumphant return to the airwaves with the revealing of the six track EP, “Forever”

“Forever” was a project that TROOF took time on to perfect and it shows from the very start. It was a long and enduring process to ensure the EP held up to it’s namesake. Mark Henry, BKS, Ace Character and Ace on the Beat were the producers that the DMV creative contracted to help assemble to sound track to his highly spirited songwriting style. There’s no two ways of saying it, TROOF means business. That holds true whether he’s in the studio or conducting business strategies. That mood is felt all throughout “Forever”.

From the jazz horns and throbbing bass of “Get Paid” to the late nineties rap / R&B style of “Sex So Good”, the Washington D.C. native makes sure that no two songs sound alike yet he cleverly sticks to his motivating and achieving theme. Three guest features make appearances on “Forever”. Treaypound and Crackem$tan show out on “Gotta Get It” and again $tan returns for “Whoa!”. To end the album, TROFFOREVER reunites with Whitney Sweetwine for “Sex So Good”. “Forever” is now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and more.

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