Bennie Franklin – No Regrets

Bennie Franklin rides wave of success and prepares to drop new EP
‘Love Child’

ATLANTA, GA – Imagine a young boy sitting in front of a television – but instead of watching cartoons or kids shows, he’s watching music shows on BET like “Rap City” or “106 & Park.” He’s learning from those shows what it is to be a professional musician, and he’s discovering the unique sounds and styles that make up hip-hop, R&B and other classic genres. It’s not what you’d expect a young boy to be watching, but that’s exactly what Bennie Franklin found himself doing most evenings after school while growing up. And those years of studying the greats through those shows inspired him to become one of today’s fastest-rising young talents in music.

Today, Bennie Franklin is an independent artist from Atlanta, Georgia, whose unique balance between melodies and upbeat tempos provides him with a captivating sound that’s putting him ahead of the game. While Atlanta’s Southern hip-hop aesthetic is found in Franklin’s music, the 26-year-old rapper’s willingness to experiment with his flow and delivery allows him to stand out among the talent that’s coming out of rap music’s epicenter. Taking cues from some of his favorite artists – such as Outkast, Kid Cudi and Kanye West – Bennie Franklin creatively mixes rap with singing to produce tracks that listeners from all walks of life are gravitating toward.

Bennie Franklin’s most recently released, “My Life is Bittersweet,” includes five tracks that transform fans into a world shaped by the imagery of money, sex, drugs and fashion. In fact, his penchant for making music about money and the richer lifestyle is what led to the formation of his stage name in the first place.

“My boy John would tell you that he came up with the name first,” he said. “Frankie – a girl that we both knew – would tell you she’s the one who came up with the name. But I really came up with it. I’ve always been about money. I’m a young, fly guy who always it talking about money and trying to be about that, and Franklin stood for money and the lifestyle of being young, rich and famous. I’ve always wanted to be a young, rich and gifted black male in America, and so I make my music with that intention.”

Following the success of “My Life is Bittersweet,” Bennie Franklin is preparing to launch his second EP – a 9-song project called “Love Child” that should drop sometime in the next three- to-six months. It’s a project that he said will bring a different energy as far as rapping and singing about women, music itself, and the things of everyday life that revolve around his life. The first single off the EP is a song called “No Regrets.” It’s about a guy who has been helping a girl through her journey in life and along her path.

“The hook is saying, ‘I’ve been patient for you/waiting for you/don’t make me regret it,’” Bennie Franklin said. “The guy has been patient and waiting for this girl to be on the same shit as he’s on so they can boss up together and make life worth it. But there are no regrets at the end of it.”

The song features a mid-tempo R&B vibe that mixes rap and R&B in a way that’s unique and different. Bennie Franklin said he hopes songs like this will show the world that he’s an artist who is consistent with meaningful lyrics and a beat that makes listeners want to ride.

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