Miles Ali – Right Now

Miles Ali mixes cool vibes with hard-hitting edge to create
truly original sound

SPARTANSBERG, SC – Miles Ali is a new hip-hop artist with a truly unique sound and story. For most of his life, urban music was the soundtrack to his delinquency. As a troublesome child, he dropped out of high school and found himself peddling drugs on the streets and pulled armed robberies to make money. The music of artists such as Pimp C, Nas, Lil Wayne, T.I., Boosie, Gucci Mane, Jeezy and Wiz Khalifa served as fuel to his criminal ways … until the day he was sentenced to 10 years at Lee Correctional institution, one of the most dangerous prisons in South Carolina.

The music that was previously the thing that spurred him on to bad decisions soon turned into a refuge from the struggles of his life inside. Where previously cocaine and other drugs provided an escape, music now was the drug that helped him heal. He began putting money into self-education and learned how to create music – from beats to production to mixing and all involved with the recording industry. He formed his own company – an independent label he named Droid Lyfe – and he began to create his own music. It was a long journey, but over the course of time the system was working and he was changing his wayward ways.

“Music is helping me be reformed,” he said. “It’s giving me a positive outlook on life and it’s something that I can do to generate money in a good way. My sound is different than any of the other street rappers because everybody from the ghetto is coming with gang culture in their raps, but I’m not coming with that at all. I’m still street in my delivery and style, but I’m different than any of the mumble rappers right now. I’m creating something that everybody can gravitate toward. I’m bringing white-collar crime, hustler music, trap music and just a whole new sound.”

In 2017, Miles Ali released his first mixtape called “Social Muzik,” which features the popular single “Right Now” – a song that nods to the high a person can feel on drugs, but emphasizes what a person sacrifices for that high. The project is filled with lyrics pulled from his life on the streets before prison and his experiences in what he calls “the belly of the best.” He dubs his music “corrupted consciousness,” and doesn’t shy away from the rough edges and gritty sound that he brings to the table. But under that grit is a raw transparency that lets the listener in on his pain and harsh experiences. It’s a one-two punch of hard-hitting music mixed with a cool and original delivery.

“It’s a mashup of different sounds that cross references the people I made my name after – Miles Davis and Muhammed Ali,” he said. “My music is cool in how I deliver it, but it’s also hard-hitting and has an edge to it. Miles is the king of cool. The name of this project cross-references him because he called his music ‘social music.’ Someone asked him to name a genre for his music and he couldn’t because it was original, so he ended up calling it ‘social music.’ It was so original that he couldn’t describe – other than that it made you feel good. That’s what I want my music to be – feel-good, street-based music that is conscious and social and has a bit of an edge.”

To listen to Miles Ali’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:
“Rite Now/Right Now”
“Opz” from upcoming Mixtape “Folorunsho Alakija”

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