God Khaba – Saucey

Clean cut rapper uses success to give back to the community

AZ – Khaba is an Egyptian name that means “body and soul.” That’s an reflection of the kind of transparent music that Arizona-based artist God Khaba creates. He’s a soulful being, and he is all about engaging and bringing people together through his music which purpose is to help create a more positive balance in the hip hop world.

Born Charles Berry and raised on the south side of the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago, God Khaba is one of those rare artists who uses his success in life to give back to others. After serving for years in the U.S. Air Force – including a stint overseas – he returned to Chicago and co-founded the nonprofit organization Future Network, which helps those less fortunate in his home neighborhood of Englewood. He also helped create a community association, and served as a co-field director for one of the city’s Alderman. Over the years he has become active in Chicago, and his music is a reflection of the kind of man he aspires to be.

“My style is authentic and really a reflection of different aspects of my personality” he said. “My delivery and wordplay and subject matter all sets me apart. I literally don’t rap about anything false or that I haven’t experienced or don’t know. My perspective is different. My image is authentic, very clean-cut, and fashionable. My message, as far as music is concerned, is to bring a more positive balance to hip hop music. I know the way I sound and the way I deliver is relevant.”

God Khaba has a new single called “Saucey” that is now available on all digital distribution sites. It’s a song that he said came about very spontaneously, after he went into the studio to edit one of his music videos and ended up writing, recording, mixing and mastering this new song all in less than two hours. It’s a song that he said talks about success in life, with “Saucey” serving as a metaphor for his authentic image and sound. It’s a song that is aimed for the real hip hop listeners who don’t know G Khaba and that he’s good at what he does, and  don’t know that besides a veteran and community background he has an urban casual blend to his style, as well.

He’s following the “Saucey” single with another single called “Goofy Clone,” which he said is a track intended to call out all the cookie-cutters or copycats out there who have an image and or sound that is purposely intended to be like all of the trendsetters they idolize.

“I see a lot of people who are basically clones of other individuals,” he said. “They’re taking what other people are doing and incorporating it into their own image. It’s just the same thing over and over again. Everything I talk about, I actually experienced. I was born and raised around violence and drugs. I could talk about it, because I did experience it, but I don’t promote that image. It’s already enough of it in this world. When you promote a cookie-cutter image, what you’re really conveying is that you’re a goofy clone.”

God Khaba said the song has a serious humor to it, and is somewhat aggressive. Both the hook is humorous and catchy, he said – something that is consistent in all of his music.

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