Up-and-coming Kaytlyn Cate drops new soulful single

‘You’re Making My Heart Feel Like’

BEND, OR – The greatest journey for a musician is the one taken to find that unique voice – the signature sound that makes the artist stand out from the crowd of other hopeful musicians in the world.

For Kaytlyn Cate, the journey started with a bang with her first single “Darkside” – an alt-rock track that immediately put her on the map within the wide world of music. But the end result wasn’t what she had originally intended, and her search for that distinct voice took a turn. The journey has continued, and today she is embracing a more R&B and soul sound that better suites her voice and her writing talents. Her most recent single, “You’re Making My Heart Feel Like,” is more in line with what she hopes her signature sound will be, and she credits a lot of that discovery to her father David Samuel.

A long-time producer and musician in his own right, Samuel fell in love with Cate’s mother while touring the country playing music with Cate’s Uncle. Cate was only 12 when Samuel got together with her mother, and the two didn’t immediately click. But by age 13 Cate’s obvious natural talent as a musician caught Samuel’s attention, and when he invited her to collaborate on some songwriting, the magic was immediate and they never looked back.

“I was raised into music because my uncle was a musician and I would go to a lot of festivals and concerts with the family,” Cate said. “I also always loved to sing though it was never really something I sought as a future until I met David. I grew up very, very shy and had a lot of social anxiety. Music was a big part of my journey in overcoming that. In fact, it’s part of the reason why I want to do music today – so that I can help people who have similar problems understand that they can do everything they want to do as long as they put in the work and love it enough. Music has brought me out of my shell. I wake up and want to do it because I love it so much. And being with David is a magical experience. It’s rewarding to see my art come to life and to see the vision I’ve always had of myself become a reality.”

Cate said “You’re Making My Heart Feel Like” is a soulful love song that was somewhat inspired by Samuel’s relationship with her mother. As a songwriter, Samuel said he and Cate will write as many as 20 songs a month, trying to discover that one gem that they know will strike gold with listeners. This single in particular was one that he had started to work on and which Cate really latched onto.

“I don’t write a ton of love songs and this is really one of the first ones that I wrote that really worked,” Cate said. “I left the name of the song open-ended on purpose because I want it to speak for itself. When you listen to the song you get a good feeling of where I was coming from in it, and you’ll see what I mean in that love is more than words. It’s something that can completely take you over – and that’s something that I wanted to put out there to the world. I wanted people to know that sometimes you can’t explain it. Sometimes when you’re first falling in love, you can’t put words to it – you’re just running around like a giddy person with a big smile.”

Both Cate and Samuel said the joy of the journey in discovering this song together has been some of their favorite experiences in collaborative songwriting. Their goal is to release a new single approximately every two months, and eventually to put together a full album. A music video for “You’re Making My Heart Feel Like” is slated to drop shortly after the New Year.

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