Wes on Acid – Demons @wesonacid

Demons is a single released by Wes on Acid on November 1st, 2018. The song is an alternative hip hop record that balances the line between singing and rapping. The content of the single is about Wes’ late grandfather Calvin Logan who passed away in October of 2018. The song was written the night after his funeral.

Wes on Acid is an American hip hop recording artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born on July 12th, 1996. Growing up on the south side his father & uncle were both big musical influences on him as a child. Both professional musicians themselves, they played trumpet on the Las Vegas Strip with many big names in the industry (such as, Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, The OJs, Tower of Power, Aloe Blacc, Lee Fields, etc). Shortly after graduating high school someone extremely close to Wes was diagnosed with a stage four Glioblastoma Multiform, a rare & extremely aggressive form of brain cancer. This happening only three months after his father was also diagnosed with Stage three cancer in his brain as well, Wes has openly shared his struggles with depression & mental health.

Wes on Acid’s music is known for its dark, melodic, and abstract sound, and his transparent lyrics & message. His lyrics include themes about death, disease, mental health, drug addiction & suicide. Wes’ style ranges from rapping, to singing, to crooning in autotune over melodic, guitar driven beats dripping in melancholy & reverb. Wes takes pride in bending genres & pushing the limits of what hip hop can become. Innovation & transparency are the two most important elements of his music. Wes has stated that the psychosis his loved ones experienced while going through their cancer battles, as well as the mental health issues both him & his family have gone through are the largest influences on him as an artist. Other artists that inspire Wes on Acid include Kid Cudi, Lil Peep, Travis Scott & Kanye West.
Wes on Acid is also known for his abstract visuals in photography, fashion & videography. As an artist doing his own photography, editing, graphic design, merchandise design & styling, Wes tries to be as self sufficient as possible.

Wes on Acid first gained recognition online from his 2017 project Vegas on Acid. Wes was part of VOA Worldwide, or VOA for short, from 2017-present. VOA stands for Vegas on Acid.

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