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Former rocker embraces love of rap with new album ‘The Other Me’

ITHICA, NY – Earth, air, water and fire … each of the elements find their place in the music from New York-based artist EleMental. To this hip-hop artist with a background in rock, each of these elements represents a certain type of energy that he wants to make part of his life, and which he wants to send out to the world. And at the end of the day EleMental wants nothing more than to motivate and inspire others with his music.

“I want to be someone is known for more than just making good songs,” he said. “If I can make every song make someone so emotionally moved that they connect with what I said, or say something for them or emote for them — that would be the best. If I can change someone’s view on something for the better, I would love to have that reputation with my music. I hope I can change your life, and you can change my life, and together we can have something to celebrate. And the elements of the world are my way of doing that. They mean a lot to me – they always have – and they’re the energy that I want to incorporate into my music.”

EleMental said through that process he’s developed an archive of music that fits multiple genres and subject matters – from love, to craziness, to meditative vibes and more. He’s compiled enough music to release a full album, which he plans to do on Feb. 1. The album will be called “The Other Me,” and will be what he describes as an “emotional roller coaster.”

“I wanted to take the styles from hip-hop, rap and trap and blend them all together and have a lot of fun with it,” he said. “I write only inspired music – I go with a particular emotion and go with that when I’m writing. And so the overall message with this album would be that you’re getting a close and personal look at the multiple layers of who I am. There’s the person you would meet on the street – Ethan the fun-loving guy. And then there’s the guy who has a lot more thoughts and emotions than what you see on the surface. This music is an introduction to how I think and write and is a deep dive into who I am as a person.”

EleMental hasn’t always been a hip-hop artist. In fact, he got his start with rock and has been parts of multiple bands over the years. He started writing music at age 10, and quickly learned how to play multiple instruments. Though he always felt a connection with rap, it wasn’t a genre of music that was looked upon fondly by his family – especially his mother, who veered him away from hip-hop as often as she could. As he grew older, he created a band with his  cousin and some friends, which saw modest success around his region. He tried another band a few years later, with the same modest success. It was toward the end of that band’s run that he knew he wasn’t fully fulfilled as an artist because he hadn’t fully tapped into his love for hip-hop. So he tried a third time to create a band, this time combining rock and rap. Again they saw modest success, but ultimately faced frustration that led to friction that EleMental decided he didn’t want for his career. So he chose to pursue music and his love for hip-hop as an independent artist.

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