December 5, 2023

New York CEO Jes Blaze Is Heating Up The Music Scene

As radio host, promoter, and manager Jes Blaze is taking the Indie scene by storm. The Brooklyn native has branded herself through her radio network No Filter Radio and continues to move as a major staple in the music and entertainment industry.

The no holds barred NY entrepreneur is well known for her cut-throat, yet genuine artist development. She provides several platforms for artists to be heard and seen as well as display their craft by live performances.

“It’s crucial for artists to elevate and grow and I offer that as well as different avenues to shine. I want them to look back and self-reflect on these opportunities and how they’ve enhanced their career moves.”

Blaze’s brand has grown and flourished worldwide almost instantaneously with an immense international audience. Her monthly showcases, events, panels, along with her weekly radio show have created quite the buzz throughout the boroughs of New York.

The indie trailblazer utilizes every moment to expand her brand and mixes with major industry players and artists to keep her mindset intact and thoroughly educated.

“Best believe I’m just getting started, this is only the beginning for me…Ms. No Filter!”

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