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Pittsburgh-based artist Cherry fuses multiple genres in
an effort to discover ‘Lost’ sounds

PITTSBURGH, PA – Harry Lebovitz – better known by his stage name Cherry – is a fast-rising artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who recently released his debut EP “Lost.” The five-track project resonates a variety of different sounds through different vibes for an overall pop/rap fusion that incorporates EDM and rock in various stages.

“I’m engineering a new wave of music,” Cherry said. “It’s melodic with a darker twist while still staying upbeat – and I’m using genres that incorporate hip-hop and pop. There’s a versatile mix to it that should still feel somewhat familiar. That’s what the title ‘Lost’ is all about – it’s rediscovering that lost sound, whatever that lost sound means for you.”

The idea of “lost sound” is a philosophy that Cherry said he’s been developing his whole life. While dealing with his own personal demons, he discovered that even if he feels down he can still find happiness through any vibe or mood of his life. The philosophy, therefore, incorporates stoicism and the idea of following one’s heart and dreams in an effort to accomplish what’s possible in life.

“Just keep developing and keep finding lost sounds,” he said. “That’s what the whole philosophy is about, and that’s what my music is about. It’s something that I feel like is gonna be huge in the music industry coming up.”

Two singles from “Lost” illustrate this idea especially well. The first is a song called “Alone,” which is a pop song with a darker vibe. It tells the tale of a guy at a party who dreams of walking away from everything and moving on to bigger and better things. Those thoughts dominate his mind and keep him from focusing on the things in front of him – whether that be school or work or relationships or whatever. And the more he expresses those dreams to those he’s closest to, the more they tell him to ignore his dreams – meaning he feels alone in life.

The second single is a song called “Rainy Days,” and is born from the emotional trauma Cherry deals with from broken previous relationships.

“I view this as art therapy,” he said of writing the song. “It’s a song that really comes out well when you want to just scream out to the world all the pain you have built up inside you. It’s a song about getting that darkness out with the relationships I’ve had. Anyone hearing that track can really turn it up and get the emotions out.”

Cherry said “Lost” is a great example of the journey he’s taken through the years and the unique sound and style he’s developed along the way. His sound is different, he said, because it incorporates melodies, rap and a lot of different genres and vibes.

Cherry said fans can look forward to a follow-up to “Lost” with a second EP called “Found” that should drop later this year.

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