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King Meech displays diversity with dynamic new mixtapes

WATERLOO, IA – If Demetrious “Meech” Taylor had a billion dollars, the first thing he would do is look for people to whom he could give $1 million apiece so that they could also come up. He believes strongly in helping others to take a step up and even formed a movement called “The Royal Sons” that aims to inspire people to become the kings and queens of their lives. That mission led him to adopt the stage name King Meech and it’s the kind of philosophy that not only drives his life but permeates everything he does, including his music.

“My music is me. It’s what makes me the person I am today,” he said. “I see so much shit going on in the world today. So many people shooting other every day and shit like that. So many people don’t even get a chance. I just want to spread out positive energy. I’ve been there at the low moments, the times when I’ve been like, ‘Damn, how am I gonna pay the electricity bill?’ and I’ve made the effort to get through it. I want to inspire others to do the same thing. I want to encourage the entrepreneurs of the world and inspire people to just try, to do something you feel happy doing every day and in the midst of the struggle.”

That inspiration is paired with good vibes on some of King Meech’s most recent projects. Most recently, he dropped a mixtape called “Night Vibes” which is one of those projects that you can just listen to while you’re hitting the road and cruising for a while. He said it’s meant to “roll around in a car with a girl, just pop it in and play the whole thing.” And though a couple of songs on the mixtape are a little more hyped, such as “East Side”, most of them are more chill with a feel that pairs perfectly with the name “Night Vibes.”

“East Side” is the debut single from the project and it has already received nearly 1 million views on YouTube. It’s a song that nods to the multiple times in his life that he has literally lived on the east side of the cities he’s moved to and in particular, notes the difference between St. Louis and East St. Louis – a neighborhood that most would say is its own city all by itself.

King Meech will follow that project up with another mixtape called “Just Call Me Meech” which will showcase more of his diversity as an artist and his ability to both rap and sing. It will also show off multiple styles – from hype music to storytelling to sentimental songs and even a couple of ballads. 

“I try to stay diverse,” he said. “I don’t want people to listen to a project and think the whole thing sounds the same. I’m like the old type of hip hop but I try to make myself one of the best lyricists I can be. And through that, I’m creating all kinds of music – some easy stuff to listen to while driving around with your girl, or some stuff to get you really hyped up. But ultimately, it’s all about creating something that people can relate to and inspire them to be better as a person and human being. I don’t have to be rich off my music. If I can make $30,000 a year just doing music, that’s what I’m going to do because I love it. I just want to inspire people to do the same thing and chase their dreams. I want my son to see that his daddy had the guts to chase his dreams. So get up and go toward what you want to do, no matter what anybody else says. You have to believe in yourself before anybody else starts believing in you. My music is all about inspiring people to be better.”

To listen to King Meech’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“Night Vibes” Mixtape 

“Just Call Me Meech” 

“East Side” 

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