September 30, 2023

Elamar – Crazy Lonely

Israeli artist taps into deeper currents of love as he launches new sound across world stage

DIMONA, ISRAEL – The Beatles famously wrote in one of their all-time greatest hits that “Love is all you need.” For Elamar Edwards, that idea is the core of everything he does.

The artist out of Dimona, Israel has been working in the music industry for the better part of a decade and is ready to take his unique sound and style to the world stage with a new single called “Crazy Lonely.” It’s an Indy Pop vibe that embraces his core values of love by exploring the more mature approach to breaking up from a long-time relationship and viewing it less as a negative thing and more as an experience that can show you how to have better relationships in the future.

“When I write my music, there is a common emotion that I write about,” Elamar said. “I just want to put a smile on people’s faces, to bring a spark back to a beautiful memory. I want to reinforce the love and respect for love and emotions. I want to take what the world is losing and remind people that love is an awesome thing. My music can be a constant reminder that love is an awesome thing and if we all would embrace that, then everything would be different – relationships and memories and everything. My music is all about inspiring and motivating people to give in to that idea and try to make that a great thing in our world.”

Elamar’s journey through music started when he was born into a very music-loving family and community. He is one of 25 children in a family that was raised to listen to certain sounds and connect with the deeper currents of emotion. He graduated from The Brotherhood School in Dimona which he said greatly contributed to his development as a musician. The Brotherhood School is one that takes a holistic approach to teaching and encourages students to better the world. Elamar also served in the Israeli Defense Force for three years where he said he learned discipline, purpose and drive that has served him well as he tries to build a music career.

“I’ve always been artistic,” he said. “From drawing to music, I dabbled in it all. I realized my passion for music after listening to one of our many youth music groups. I instantly knew that was where my future lied. My music fits nowhere within the known genres. The music I write and compose does not resonate with the worldly sound. Many of the songs written by me are inspired by my love and respect of women and the feeling one feels when rising in love. Working with my awesome producer Moti Simon has allowed me to complete the versions I have with each song and to share these positive vibes with the world. Love is all that I have in my heart, and music is how I share it.”

Elamar said “Crazy Lonely” is currently available across all streaming platforms. He plans to follow that up with another single called “Breaking Distance” in the next couple of months. He is excited to see how fans all over the world will embrace his music.

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“Crazy Lonely”

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