MH Mace – Thoughts in My Head

MH Mace offers fly stream of consciousness with new single ‘Thoughts in my Head’ 

LONG ISLAND, NY – It’s not every day that a stream of consciousness turns into a hit song, but that’s exactly what has happened for New York rapper MH Mace. His new single “Thoughts in my Head” is the perfect example of how quality rapping and a good beat can sometimes create magic. What was born from a freestyle in the studio has turned into one of the hottest tracks ever created by this up-and-coming East Coast artist, and fans all over the world are adding it to their playlists to hear on repeat. 

Like all of his music, each song in his repertoire is titled after an aspect of his life. With “Thoughts in my Head,” Mace is spilling the story of his life in its raw form. He’s authentic – nothing fabricated or extra – and he sets the tone for all the other songs that will come on the EP of the same name.  

“When the beat comes on, I just let it flow out,” he said. “When you’re from New York, music is everywhere. When I was young, at first I was just rapping but eventually I learned how to do melodies and different instrumentals. I started playing with it and exploring, and the feedback I was getting was really good. I put a couple of songs out on Soundcloud and it just took off from there.” 

While Mace is a nickname derived from his birth name, Maceo, the MH in his stage name refers to “Most Hated.” That’s a moniker that he and his friends created as they grew up in Long Island.  

“We were always the crew that everybody hated because we were the flyist and all that extra stuff,” Mace said. “Now I’m running with it because it is a great way to think about my music. I make great quality music and I feel like my songs shouldn’t be skipped. If it comes on in a shuffle, it shouldn’t be skipped. Like my favorite artists – Meek Mill and Lil Durk and A Boogie – you can tell my music is authentic. They always tell a story with their music, and so do I. They’re not just saying whatever they think is cool. They’re actually telling a story in most of their songs. That’s what you get with my music.” 

Mace said he considers himself to be a “lit introvert” – a guy who is laid-back but who can be lit whenever the occasion calls for it. And when that happens, his music sets the perfect tone for any occasion.  


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