Josey Wellz – You Me Her

Josey Wellz offers upbeat ‘have-fun’ track to end the summer with new single ‘You Me Her’ 

ATLANTA, GA – In today’s ever-changing industry of entertainment, true talent like Josey Wellz cannot be contained. He exploded onto the scene with a refreshing yet powerful sound that captivates both heart and mind, and with an R&B and Hip Hop fusion that taps into Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Pop vibes, he truly has a sound that is undeniable. 

Josey’s latest single “You Me Her” is a perfect example of his signature sound and style. Currently available across all streaming platforms, this upbeat party track is the perfect kind of song for the clubs or for a fun night out with friends. Like most of his music, the single came about organically as he sat in the studio and started thinking about the things he most enjoys on a night out. 

“What came out is just a pure, fun track,” Josey said. ‘It’s just good vibes and shooting the shit and having fun. I just sat down one day and started singing and that’s what came out, but that’s how I like to make my music. Over the past few years I’ve been finding more about myself and my creativity. There’s no limit and I’ve realized that I’ve been able to be more creative in my songwriting and in picking my beats. I’m opening myself up to being more lyrical and more versatile. At the end of the day, I have a different sound. I don’t sound like anybody. I’m not scared to be myself or try new things. And my style says a lot about being an individual and accepting that. I’m exclusive.” 

Josey Wellz is a nickname given to him by a childhood friend. Born Hananiah Joel Nicholas, this young artist moved to Atlanta a few years ago with a heart full of hope and talent. He fed his passion for music with every genre he could find. In 2017, he released his first EP, “I Can’t Help Myself,” which immediately started opening new doors of opportunities. In 2018, he was able to travel and perform all over the world.  

In the two years since, he’s been working on more music which he’s now excited to show to the world. He’ll be releasing a single every month through the end of the year.  

“My next body of work is exciting,” he said. “With new flows and a new sound, I’m entering life from a different perspective. I have more confidence and assurity, and I think that bravado comes across in my songs. But it’s more about individuality and embracing that than anything else. That’s what I really want to be known for. I want to be singled out as a true artist who is a unique individual, not just someone who is a good rapper.” 

Following the release of “You Me Her,” Josey said he’ll drop a second single in October called “Self Love.”  


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“You Me Her” (Explicit)  (Clean)

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