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      KHNG pairs Island vibes with Hip Hop on new EP ‘Coronation’ 

TORONTO, CANADA – A new EP from Toronto-based artist, KHNG, is the perfect upbeat, Island vibe needed during a tough year. “Coronation” is KHNG’s first project, which consists of 6 songs, executive produced by Emtee Cup Gang and Execution Records, KHNG’s own label. This rising musician has already established himself as an international artist, and the new EP is set to take that even further with songs that celebrate party vibes inspired by KHNG’s Guyanese culture and Caribana, which is celebrated every year in Toronto. 

“This project dives deep into my roots and my personality, it has a very upbeat vibe,” KHNG said. “I incorporated the carnival theme which is a big thing in my culture and since we couldn’t celebrate Caribana this year, I decided to bring a little bit of that energy and vibes to the people.” 

Released on Aug. 13, the EP taps into the signature sound of this fast-rising artist who pairs Island vibes with Hip Hop for a unique blend that works perfectly with his original flow. This project also features a bit more vocals from KHNG, especially on the two breakout singles “Dive In” and “No Problems.” 

With “Dive In,” KHNG expresses a personal experienceIt’s a situation where sometimes you know better – but still keep doing the same thingover and over and you can’t help it,” he said. “I was nervous about releasing this song. This was the first single off the project and I knew I needed to come strong. I think the song took a lot of people by surprise – they’ve never seen that side of me. 

The second single, “No Problems,” has more of a playful vibe and is fully equipped with its own  quarantine music video.  The song is perfect for today’s tumultuous cultural climate in that it encourages listeners to throw away life’s worries and just enjoy the moment. 

The team had a blast recordinthis and we recorded a few parts in falsetto, which is the first time I’ve ever taken that risk too! 

“What I want more than anything is for my music to reflect my individuality while also embracing the good vibes and positive energy that my roots have inspired. I hope people are able to really feel me,” he said. If my songs are able to make a difference in someone’s life  whether through meaningful lyrics or through the sound – that alone, brings satisfaction to me. The key factor is spreading that positivity.” 


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