Ray Davis – Lit Asf

Ray Davis drops yet another hit single with club banger ‘Lit Asf 

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – For the past decade, Ray Davis has been making great melodic Hip Hop music, and his new single “Lit Asf” is just another in a long line of successful songs that showcases an incredible talent from this young man. Upbeat and bouncy, this club banger from Davis is an anthem to the people of the world who are tired of the various issues causing so much strife and violence and who would rather just go out for one night and have a good time. 

It started when I was in my room listening to an instrumental that was emailed to me, and just thinking about how I was at the point where I wanted to quit my job to start making music full time,” Davis said. “But I wasn’t able to do so because I knew I needed to continue grinding to get to that point. So, I said aloud to myself: ‘Well fuck it! I’m at least gonna get Lit Asf one night to myself. So, this song is about not holding onto everything and just having a great night – not worrying about anything. It’s stressful with everything going on, and this song will help people loosen up.” 

The single is one that has propelled him onto the national stage and gained attention from some of the biggest industry insiders. That’s nothing new for this talented musician who worked out of Atlanta for many years before moving to Oklahoma City. At only age 23, he was signed to the label BNDR Music which is now called Streamlive, and released two singles with them. One of those singles, “Keep Holding On” was featured on WorldStarHipHop and gained him enough attention that he was able to open for Hip Hop legend Juice Wrld. He also performed at some big events in both LA and Las Vegas.  

Davis returned to LA earlier this year to film the music video for “Lit Asf.” That video is slated to drop by the end of September, while the single is currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s a song that he said showcases his different sound and puts on display his signature style. 

“I’m more of an artist who does singing and rapping with some great flow,” he said. “One minute I can go slow and sing with it, the next minute I’ll speed it up. Any time people hear it they say it’s just different. The more I’ve worked on my sound over the years, the more I’ve learned how to create that truly signature sound. Plus, I’ve got a great personality, I’m likable, and I’m willing to learn. And the work ethic is just the icing to all the things that make me stand out. At the end of the day, I want to create music that will relate with people. I talk about real shit that’s going on – not just about drugs, girls or money. I talk about life experiences and things I’ve gone through, and they’re all things that people from all over can relate to. But most of all, I make great music. I just want to be heard because I know my music is capable of getting me somewhere.” 

Davis said he’s working on another single and video that should come out this fall.  

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV3kyMMzvUk] 

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Snapchat– RayDavis4am “Lit Asf

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