Blog: How to Write a Proper Press Release 2020

Over the past few months, I’ve received a lot of emails from new coming publicists, or promoters. While I love building with new people, and most of all, discovering new talent, I’m noticing that these press releases and write-ups are missing something: content. Writing two sentences, better yet even just one paragraph does not at all count as a press release. Clearly, many of you need guidance on what exactly a press release is, and how to appropriately put one together. And for the artists, follow these steps and you can skip the experience of dealing with unskilled publicists, or whatever they want to call themselves. 

There’s no need for a big word, technical explanation for this, so a press release is simply a formal write up to announce something. It provides detailed info about the announcement, and who’s responsible for it, so that those you are seeking media coverage from can do you justice. Outlets with high traffic will not accept an unwell written press release. And why should they? Their jobs and reputations are on the line, as is yours. Poorly written, or absent relevant info will prevent your announcement from making any ground. So to avoid potential disappointments, here’s how to properly put together a press release. (I’ve included an example above.)

First, it’s best to place a photo of the person or entity the announcement is for. 

Next, give it a heading, which is like the title, but with a little description.

When beginning the first paragraph, include the date and location of the announcement. 

The first paragraph should include the basic details about the announcement. Also include highlights to gauge their interest in reading more.

The next paragraph includes more details, like some background info on whatever you’re announcing, and more highlights. 

Finally, include all contact information. Listing social media info helps your following increase, so be sure to include that as well. Plus most people want to see what kind of following you already have. Some include a short bio at the bottom, and although it’s recommended, it’s not necessary. Also, if you have links to examples of your work, include that as well.

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