QuiSoul – Shit on My Mind

QuiSoul is taking back the power with her latest EP 4 

OAKLAND, CA – A fresh artist with a fire that can’t be put out, QuiSoul has recently released her latest EP titled “4”. This collection of tracks is undeniably relatable as it talks about taking back your power after a relationship ends badly.  

For QuiSoul, her relationship with music began in church and grew to be something more when she decided to follow in her brother’s footsteps and begin making music of her own. “When I was younger I was singing in a church choir and focusing a lot on that. Four years ago I told my brother, who is a rapper, that I was writing music and that I wanted to do something with that and start releasing tracks. After that, I started to sing with him and feature on some of his songs, really just getting my feet wet with recording and learning more about the business and industry behind it.” 

The name QuiSoul is more than just a catchy title. The artist behind the name went through a life altering experience at the age of 19 that truly opened her eyes. “Once I decided to do music, I felt that I had to be true to my soul. I was actually on Instagram one day and decided that I needed a new handle. I ended up with QuiSoul and my brother asked me, ‘Do you know everything that you’ve been through that you have to express that through your music? That is your artist name. You’re gonna use QuiSoul.’ So I just took him up on it, and here we are today.” 

QuiSoul defines her sound as being a soulful and melodic R&B kind of sound. “I think that I have a really soulful sound, I would say it’s spirit first.” Much of her influence comes from the R&B artists of the 90’s. “I really love India.Arie. As a child growing up, I listened to a lot of her music. I also listened to a lot of Destiny’s Child and Keyshia Cole. I’m really like a 90’s baby, so I really like anything that is 90s as far as R&B and Hip Hop, I’m really just in awe of it.” 

The EP that QuiSoul has recently released is called “4” and it is the journey of taking back your power after dealing with the rough experience of a bad breakup. With four tracks on the EP, each song has its own powerful meaning. “I was sick and tired of not being able to create or have fun while I am trying to understand who I am, so I wrote ‘Shit On My Mind’ just to let the world know that there’s other people that go through the same things as they do. ‘Be On My Way’ is the relationship story. I was in a relationship and was unknowingly the other woman, and he had to tell me that which was really hard. I wrote ‘Hats Off’ as my ego song. It’s a third person perspective of what I really go through on Instagram. It really takes you on a journey through the song. Finally, ‘Out Tonight’ is my wish for the pandemic to end. The idea is just that we have been through a lot and we need to go out.” 

In the future, QuiSoul plans to release more music as well as the music video for “Be On My Way”. Fans can look out for the new album that she is starting to work on and should be excited for what is to come. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HefDBY2pyRM]

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