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Multitalented entertainer Shaila drops uplifting new single ‘SuperQueen 

LOS ANGELES, CA – There’s perhaps never been a more opportune time for a single like “SuperQueen” than there is now. After a year in which so many people have felt an overwhelming heaviness, West Coast artist Shaila wants to offer the world something a little lighter and more uplifting. So with her new single, she’s encouraging people to love themselves a little more and shake off the self-doubt that often comes when looking at the little imperfections of character. 

“This song is just a great reminder that you don’t have to be perfect to be loved,” Shaila said. “I wrote it during a time in my life when I had just entered high school and I was around so many different people and my confidence was very low. Singing was my therapy and I wrote this song to encourage myself. It has taken on a life of its own and today, it has more meaning than ever.” 

Like a lot of singers in the U.S., Shaila started singing in church. Her mother was a singer and she would bring Shaila to choir practice regularly. She got her opportunity to join the choir at a relatively young age. Shaila started singing lead in choir when she was 5 years oldrelatively young. The experience was overwhelmingly positive that she decided to make music her career, and she hasn’t looked back since. Over time, she has worked hard to hone in on her signature sound, and she’s become known for creating and singing melodies that are different than what’s in the industry today. Her sound is fresh and seamlessly blends together elements of Pop, R&B and Gospel into one beautiful sound. “SuperQueen” in particular shows off the soulful richness of her voice which has fans all over the world begging for more. 

“Ultimately, I want my music to be about uplifting people,” Shaila said. “I also want it to make them feel good. For myself, music is my escape. If I’m able to take people away from the stress they’re experiencing in their lives and make them feel better about themselves or make them happier throughout the day, then that’s my biggest goal for my music.” 

As Shaila has grown as an artist, she’s discovered a broader range to her entertaining talents. While experiencing success as a musician, Shaila has also had success as an actor and a dancer. She’s performed on Broadway and was a featured singer, dancer and actress on Sesame Street Live. She said some of the music videos she’s planning on releasing in the coming months will display some of her dancing ability.  


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