Lilo – Horses Make Me Cry

Young British singer/songwriter continues string of successful singles with cinematic power ballad 
Horses Make Me Cry’ 

YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND – A young singer/songwriter from Northern England is beginning to make a splash on the international stage with her cinematic Pop songs, the most recent of which was officially released on 18th December. 

Lilo is a 20-year-old musician from Yorkshire, England who has slowly been making a name for herself over the past three years. Her new single, “Horses Make Me Cry” will be the fourth single she’s released this year. It’s a power ballad with heavy piano, light strings and her signature soaring vocals that are perfectly suited to belt out the emotion that this song evokes. Born from the feelings that often arise from being overwhelmed by too many things – something most people around the world have experienced in 2020 – the song shines a light on the beautiful things of the world that are oftentimes so refreshing that they serve as a natural release for all the tension.  

“In Europe, we have a lot of these amazing adverts of horses, and they’re usually emotional adverts,” Lilo said. “One night my mother and I were watching one of the adverts and she said, ‘I don’t know why, but horses make me cry.’ I started thinking about why horses are so emotional, and I realized it was because they’re so elegant and beautiful. That got me to thinking about the beautiful things in our lives that overwhelm us with emotion because they’re such a break from all of the other things we’ve been experiencing. That’s what this song is about.” 

Lilo said that true to her style of music, “Horses Make Me Cry” is a cinematic Pop song that’s very dynamic and features a “big” sound with orchestral influences paired with catchy lyrics. She said she loves songs that make listeners feel something, and that every song she creates will endeavor to make people feel something. That said, this single is somewhat of a departure from the three others she released earlier this year, all of which were more upbeat.  

“When it comes to my music, the main thing I want is to give people goosebumps,” Lilo said. “I want to make music that moves you. I want to have songs that are upbeat and make you dance, but also songs that draw you in. There’s a meaning and a purpose to all of my songs. I love melodies and I love breaking down every melody I’ve written and finding ways to improve it because I like every single sound to have a purpose and a meaning.” 

Lilo said “Horses Make Me Cry” is one of six singles she’d planned on releasing over the course of a year, and that she has more music ready to go for 2021. She also said she might release an EP in the summer of 2021.  

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