Stu Hustlah – Servin Servin

Stu Hustlah serves feel-good vibes with new single, album ‘Servin Servin’

SURPRISES, AZ – Most entrepreneurs around the world know that when you’re in business for yourself, you’re always serving somebody. You could be serving your time, or your attention, or your merchandise, or any number of other things to a wide range of audiences. For Stu Hustlah, that philosophy comes with a high class of customer service and a high class of music. The West Coast artist with a Midwest feel brings an out-of-this-world level of excellence to his unique sound and style, all with an eye for giving fans the best kind of music he can possibly give.

That’s the mentality behind his latest single, “Servin Servin,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Self-dubbed as an up-tempo club-ready vibe that fuses Midwest Hip Hop with a hint of a Down South beat, “Servin Servin” is about all the little things it takes to be successful in life and to achieve one’s dreams.

“When you really want something, you usually say it twice,” Stu said of the song title. “When you say it twice, it’s like putting an emphasis on it. That’s the idea behind this song. It has a good meaning to it and a good feel, as well.”

There’s no doubt that Stu Hustlah is passionate about what he does. He’s been making music since middle school, when he dropped his first CD and got some major praise from his community in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he started his career. Since that time, he has developed his sound into what is today his own unique and signature style. He mashes a little bit of everything together – underground, but not hard core. Gangsta Rap but mixed with family vibes. He even has songs that make people cry. And as he has shared those sounds with fans all over the U.S., he has slowly gathered a large following. Today, he’s looking to take that notoriety to the global stage, and “Servin Servin” is just one of many singles with which he hopes to do that.

“My music is all about making people motivated,” he said. “I want to help people get up and do whatever it is they do. Some people wake up and go straight to the gym, or to school, or work, or raise kids, or do nothing, or shoot dice, or sell weed … my music is for everybody. Even if you’re going through some struggles at times, I can relate to people who struggle. I went through some things at times when I was hurting. I have songs about people who have died in my life. I got songs that can make you get up and laugh, or dance, or cry – whatever you want. My music is motivational music for everybody.”


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“Servin Servin”


“Blast It”

“Traplife AZ”

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