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“What’s Not To Love” About Lemetrius’ Philosophy On Faux Friends 

Singing anchors Lemetrius to life. As a person, it defines every part of who he is. Even in his youth, he knew he was supposed to do two things: love God and sing. “Anything I’m going through, I know I can sing to feel better,” said Lemetrius. “No matter what happened in my life, music always found its way back to me. “I feel like it makes me who I am because I consider myself an artist before anything else.”  

In December 2020, Lemetrius released an EP called Time’s Up. He wrote it after taking a sabbatical from mainstream life. The time off gave Lemetrius an opportunity to reflect on his artistic career and what it truly meant. “Other people thought I should do this or do that,” Lemetrius remembered. “I knew it was out of love, but I put a pause on my life for a while. I learned a lot, I saw a lot. I was more able to see and understand things from a different perspective.” 

With that EP released, Lemetrius demands a lot of himself in 2021. One of his latest tracks, “Deeper Than The Surface,” examines flaws in human perception. Life is never exactly what it appears to be. “The older i get the more i learn that life is almost never what it looks like,” said Lemetrius. “When you look at a person, you can’t tell their story. If you didn’t know me before, you might look at me and think I don’t have ambition.” Such judgments from others propelled Lemetrius forward. “I like that you think that,” he said. “You’re going to be shocked when I make that move.” 

Lemetrius’ latest track “What’s Not To Love” scrutinizes one-sided relationships. The lyrics find a protagonist exploited for what he possesses, as opposed to being valued for who he is. “I picked up on how people like to use your talent, or the benefits of knowing you as a profit for them,” Lemetrius disclosed. “I had seen it in terms of my management when i first started to do this. I also tried to pick something that I thought was relatable. I wanted something that people really could feel. I always want you to feel from jump.”  

Now that his track “Drifting” has been climbing independent music charts, Lemetrius intends to capitalize. Commenting on the immediate future, he said, “I wanted to get my sound rotating. To where people were hearing it. After I got some faces looking at me and some momentum,  I wanted to hype the fan base. I think my live shows are what’s really going to get people.”  

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