Post:Top Tips For Wearing Jewelry

You already know that the way you dress can change the way that you feel. Your accessories can be a big part of the way that you style your look and the way you feel about what you’re wearing. Jewelry can be difficult to get right though if you aren’t confident with it, but there are some easy ways that you can wear jewelry to lift your outfit, and not distract from it. 

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Keep It To One Statement Piece

This is a classic rule for accessorizing. It might seem obvious, but it’s a classic rule because it works. Choosing one statement piece is the easiest way to stop your jewelry from overpowering your outfit. This is especially true at the moment when our outfits are being dominated by masks. Choose a statement piece, like a chunky necklace, or make your mask the statement with a light up mask

Consider Your Body

If you want to love the jewelry that you wear, then you should think about what will suit you best. Is your skin tone warm or cool toned? White gold looks pretty against cooler skin tones, whereas olive skin tones are flattered best with yellower shades of metal. Silver flatters most skin tones. 

If you’re buying a necklace, consider your frame. A longer necklace can help to elongate a shorter torso if you feel like you need some help to look taller. If you have a short neck, stay away from choker styles, as these will only emphasize the shortness and make the problem worse. 

Accessorize For The Occasion

Choose accessories that will work with your plans for the day. If you’re going to be in the office, working at a desk for most of the day, then you probably don’t want to wear chunky rings or bracelets, as they will only end up getting in your way and annoying you. For work,  choose stud earrings, and perhaps one slim ring or bracelet that doesn’t get in your way. 

For parties, you can put on more. Wear a statement necklace or a chunkier bracelet. Frame your face with large earrings. Your accessories have to work with you, but also still be suitable for what you’re doing. 

Consider Your Outfit

If you’re wearing an outfit that has a print, choose jewelry that is more subtle. If your outfit is simple, you can wear bigger, more bold pieces to go with your outfit. Jewelry should be treated as an addition to your outfit, and not something that will battle against it. For example, If your clothes already have jewel embellishments, don’t wear a necklace and stick with simple earrings. 

Set Your Own Rules

Remember that you don’t have to follow any rules that you don’t like. Use the rules as a starting pointing, and twist them to experiment with your style in any way you like. Wear what you want and wear your accessories however you like them best. If you prefer a more simple approach to wearing jewelry, then these rules can be a helpful way to get started. 

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