YungChi DaBest – Money, Power, Respect (Feat. FIEND)

Hip-hop veteran brings upbeat summer vibe to the masses with new hit single ‘Money, Power, Respect’ 

CHICAGO, IL – Like many musicians of the modern era, Marcus Turner was inspired by the legendary Michael Jackson. He remembers clearly watching Michael performing alone on stage in front of a huge crowd, and he was mesmerized by how captivating of a performance the legend created. In a flash of insight, young Turner knew that’s what he wanted to do with his life, too. Fast forward a few years and Turner is living out that dream as the artist known as YungChi DaBest. And his latest single, “Money, Power, Respect” is the kind of upbeat club banger that is sure to captivate millions all around the world, just like his musical hero did. 

Featuring fellow artist Fiend, the up-tempo summer anthem with an urban edge is something with which YungChi said he knows a lot of people will be able to connect. It’s a fun song with such a nice bounce to it that he said it will be impossible to listen to and not want to move. That’s what makes it so ready-made for the clubs, though it’s also a great song for neighborhood barbecues or just going out for a drive. 

This is just the latest hit from an artist who has been creating a buzz in the music industry for a little more than a decade. He’s a true artist, embracing multiple different genres and fusing them together into truly original sounds and styles.  

“My sound is ridiculous,” he said. “There’s no telling how I’m gonna come. I’m versatile with it. I don’t ever stick to one style. I might have a Chicago rap with a tongue twister, or I might go to Atlanta and go South with it. I like melodies and making good-sounding songs. I just love making music.” 

YungChi grew up on the west side of Chicago in the Rockwell Garden projects. He started writing and recording at the age of 12, and started making beats at age 16. That’s when he started doing local shows and writing a lot of new songs. In the years since he has started two companies – 1984 Beats By YungChi and 1984 Entertainment – and he’s had the opportunity to collaborate with some big names in the business, such as Psyde Wynder of the legendary Chicago rap group Psycho Drama, and Afton Shows 

Even with all of his success, however, YungChi has remained grounded and continues to emphasize lyrics with content in his music. He wants to create songs that connect with listeners on a deeper level while also giving them something pleasing to listen to. But if he had to choose between the two, he would hope that listeners really take something meaningful away from his songwriting. 

“I don’t care if you don’t bounce around and dance to my music,” he said. “I want you to listen and get something out of it. I speak for the struggle. When you get through listening to my music, I hope there was something that I said that really, really touched you.” 

Following “Money, Power, Respect,” YungChi said he’s working on another single called “Let Us Be Great,” which should drop this summer. He’s also in the early stages of developing an album that he said will bring “real rap back to the industry.” 

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