Post: 4 Ways To Break Into The Vape Industry

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Vaping has grown massively in popularity over the last decade. Its market size is projected to quadruple over the next 10 years. Now could be a great time to break into this growing industry. But just what career options are available? Are there any avenues for entrepreneurs? The post below explains just 4 ways in which vaping enthusiasts can enter the industry.

Physical vape stores

Physical vape shops are everywhere. You could consider getting a job at a local store, or you could consider setting up your own store. You’ll need to have an understanding of the types of products out ranging from e-liquids to different types of vape pens. If you’re setting up your own physical store, consider how many competitors are in the area and what types of products they sell. It could be worth finding a way of differentiating yourself, such as selling slightly different products. Consider the location of your store carefully – a central location could have more visibility, but also more expensive rates. 

Online vape stores

You could consider working for an online vape store. It’s possible that there could be jobs such as customer support (handling the online chat feature and email enquiries) or web maintenance. Alternatively, you could launch your own online vape store. This is likely to be a lot cheaper than launching a physical store as you don’t have to worry about renting a shop. A well-designed website is important though – it’s worth investing in web design and digital marketing so that people are attracted to your site and wowed by its contents. As with a physical vape store, consider a way of differentiating yourself from competitors. As there are likely to be more competitors online, it may benefit you to focus on a specific niche such as vape pods or CBD e-liquids. 

Vape pen/e-liquid manufacture

You could consider designing and manufacturing your own vape pen or e-liquid. The e-liquid market is particularly profitable – all you need to do is come up with a great flavor range. You may be able to work with third-party manufacturers such as CCELL cart manufacturers and e-liquid formula manufacturers. You then have to work on marketing your e-liquid. An alternative option could be to work for an existing vape liquid or e-cigarette brand, either overseeing manufacture or helping with marketing. 

Vape reviews/influencing

There are lots of bloggers and Youtubers out there that specialise in reviewing vape products. Companies are often willing to pay these influencers money to promote or review their product. If your blog or Youtube channel gets popular, you may even be able to make some extra money through ad revenue. Becoming an influencer is not something that happens overnight so be prepared to treat it as a hobby at first. If you’d prefer to work for a company, another option could be to look for paid writing gigs at vaping magazines and blogs (be wary that these are few and far between).

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