Teezy Presidential – Vacay

Teezy Presidential elevates summer vibes with bouncy new groove ‘Vacay’ 

FAIRFIELD, AL – Teezy Presidential is an on-the-rise Fairfield, Alabama artist whose latest hit single “Vacay” has been lighting up the clubs and airwaves this summer. The playful flow offers listeners a fun, bouncy groove that makes you smile when you hear it. Offering listeners a get-away from the hardships of life and a break from the monotony of daily routines, “Vacay” is the ultimate summer single, and a great introduction to this young artist from the South.  

Teezy has only been in the game for a little bit, but he’s already carving out quite a niche for himself within hip-hop and music at large. He’s already had the opportunity to work with notorious artists such as Project Pat and New York’s Maino, and with his latest hit single “Vacay” he’s looking to make his mark on the industry.  

“I try to be different with my flow,” said this rapper from the South, whose accent is one of his most defining features on almost any track he creates. “I try to match my exact mood to the vibe of the song. My music is very diverse. I try not to push myself into any one category, I just make songs based upon what I’m going through in life situations. With this song I was dreaming about being somewhere else because at the time I had some issues that were going on and I had to handle business and there was just a lot of stuff up against me at the moment. I needed a getaway – a space to clear my mind. I think a lot of people need that right now in this post-pandemic period. This song offers you that all in one package. It has soul and emotion and it’s just a lot of fun” 

Teezy said soul and emotion are two things that will always come to the forefront in his music. It’s something he’s worked hard to capture since he was a young boy first exploring songwriting and music-making. He’s been dabbling with music off-and-on for about 12 years, but it wasn’t until recently that he picked it up full-time and pursued it as a full-blown career as a recording artist. He said he knows he has what it takes to make a splash in the industry because he has a different viewpoint and a strong work ethic.  

“Presidential is a reference to the status that I hold myself to with my music,” he said. “Everything has to be at a certain level. The energy that I’m coming with is all about the status of being elevated. At the end of the day I want to better relate to people through my music. No matter how far I get in the industry, I always want to stay to a point where I can connect to people who are listening to my music.”  

Teezy said he’s already in the process of developing another track, which he hopes to release before the summer is over. He’s also working on a video for “Vacay,” which should drop soon.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLkpVmOaGbw&w=560&h=315]

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 



Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/teezypresidential/?hl=en

Twitter is @teezypresidential 

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