Post: A Positive New Start For Your Business After COVID

A lot of businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether there have been drastic changes or some tough times, most businesses are keen to see a return to normality.

It’s been an uncertain and difficult time, but by drawing a line under things and getting ready for a fresh start, you can make sure your business is ready to thrive once again.

Enjoy a positive new start for your business after COVID with the help of some of the following ideas.

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Revisit your strategy

The pandemic has given many companies the opportunity to review their strategies and build more robust businesses. You will want to look at some of the lessons learned during this time, and whether any changes could be made that will make your business easier to run, and ways you can improve things.

You could consider implementing a corrective action plan to help you put some new changes in place. Evaluating the past and where you want your future to go will help set a direction for your business ready to embark on some new challenges.

Get your teams reacquainted

If your business is one of the many that saw teams working from home, or working at limited capacity, it could be strange to start bringing people back together in person. While some people might want to continue working from home, it’s important to reacquaint your teams to help renew enthusiasm and bring some buzz back to your workplace.

Creating an effective and engaged workplace post-COVID could take some time, but it’s important to establish the new normal for your business. Bringing your teams together socially can be a great first step, helping people experience a bit of normality after spending so long communicating via screens. 

As well as social events outside of work, think of ways you can bring people together in the workplace too. A team building day can be great fun, and can help people get to know each other better – ideal for new starters who might have joined the company during this tough period!

You should work on introducing your plan for the workplace going forward and what is expected of your teams. There will continue to be a lot of uncertainty at this time, so it’s vital you listen to and address your team’s concerns.

Make your workplace a safe and comfortable space

Even though restrictions are lifting and employers are welcoming employees back to the workplace, it doesn’t mean that everyone is ready. There will be a lot of people feeling apprehensive about going back to work, so it’s important to make the workplace as safe as possible.

Communicate procedures for returning to the office and educate employees on how to stay safe at work. You might want to rethink office layouts and workspaces to make the office more comfortable and to enable social distancing as necessary.

Look for ways to do things differently

The world has changed a lot thanks to the pandemic, and it’s important that your business changes too. Taking your business online can be a great place to start, helping you provide your services digitally, while also potentially appealing to a wider range of customers and clients now that geography isn’t an issue. 

Now is a great time to try new things and learn lessons from other businesses. Having some guest speakers share their experiences can give you some great ideas, while helping to energize your employees too. Lots of businesses have achieved great things over the last 18 months, which could provide inspiration for your next steps. 

Run your business more efficiently

There will be a lot of nervousness for businesses after the pandemic. Will something similar happen again? Could your business survive another blow? These are key questions that you need to address and answer.

One of the ways you can start is by learning to run your business more efficiently. Cutting your running costs can give you a greater chance of survival if your income takes a dip. It’s good to have backup plans, contingency funds and a business continuity plan ready for the future. 

Cutting back on wasteful spending is a simple way to run your business more efficiently. From cutting back on business travel to making your office more energy efficient, there are simple spending cuts you can make without impacting how your business operates. Run your business so that it wastes less, this will not only benefit your finances, but the environment too. 

Have a relaunch

Want to remind your customers that you’re back in business? Why not have a relaunch? A relaunch is a great way to generate some interest around your business, and even potentially introduce some new customers too.

There are a lot of great ways to relaunch your business. Some basic communications to your customers is a good start, and you can embark on a marketing campaign. Social media is a powerful way to spread the word and appeal to people in your local area, or further afield if needed.

Letting people know that you’re back is important for getting your business back on solid ground. Rip up the rule book and explore new marketing strategies, ready to get people talking about your business once more.

Make employee health and wellbeing a priority

Health and safety have taken on a whole new meaning in the workplace. Businesses are conscious that employees stay well, but they’re also placing greater importance on mental health and maintaining a healthy work/life balance too. 

Improving employee wellbeing should be one of your key priorities post-pandemic. Many workers have been able to find a much better structure during the pandemic which has seen them work normal hours, and experience less stress. You might want to think about making flexible working a permanent practice for your company, allowing employees to design their own schedules so they can find the right balance.

Are there new health and wellbeing initiatives you can introduce to your teams at this time? Increasing your spending on employee benefits and different wellbeing initiatives could be a good way to give your employees a boost and reward them for all of their efforts during this challenging period. 

Check in with your employees regularly to see how they’re getting on. There will be an adjustment period during this time, and anything you can do to preserve wellbeing can help your employees find a sense of normality.

Give back to the community

One of the big things to emerge from the pandemic was the sense of giving back. Many people and businesses took it upon themselves to help others at this time, with some inspiring stories of how businesses gave back during COVID. Going forward, this could be an excellent opportunity for your business to introduce initiatives that help the local community, helping more people get back on their feet.

Community projects are a great idea for businesses, with many employees valuing the chance to help others too. From volunteering time and resources to setting up charitable donations, there are a lot of ways your business can play its part.

The pandemic has been a tough an unexpected event, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. For your business, it’s important to find ways to get this new chapter off to a positive start, ready for a bright future. From protecting your employees to finding new and exciting ways to run your business, get ready to embrace this new beginning for your business.

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