Sonny Daytons – Running This Country

Sonny Daytons offers new anthem for all those people putting in work to realize their dreams 

NEW LONDON, CT – Sonny Daytons is a New York rapper who has been through a lot of obstacles in his life. But instead of feeling sorry for himself and burying his head in the sand, this motivated musician decided to take his career in his own hands and make proactive steps toward his success. He moved to Connecticut for a better living, built his own studio (Daytons Platinum Productions), and has been doing what he does best ever since – making music for people. That kind of leap of faith takes heart and dedication and a lot of sacrifices, but the rewards at the end of the road are well worth it, and as Sonny begins to gather an ever-widening global fanbase he’s excited to finally see the fruits of his labor. 

His most recent hit single “Running This Country” is sure to bring in even more fans. The dark vibey intro of the song features a haunting piano melody that invites the listener in before making way for some classic 808s. When the beat drops, audiences are introduced to the freaky flow of this impressive rapper. The song is bouncy in the best of ways, and it’s sure to have listeners bopping their heads as they consider the lyrics that Sonny weaves together. 

“It’s ultimately a song about staying focused on what you’re doing,” he said. “We run everything – me and my team – and we put in that work. This is a song that celebrates that. IT’s almost like an anthem. When it comes to all of my music, I think I have a unique voice. I keep a style that’s between how they used to spit back in the days but also how they do it today. I try to keep that tempo and attract a generation that was used to that old-school sound while also attracting a younger generation that likes more of the new stuff.” 

More than anything, fans have commented on Sonny’s music for how relatable it is. His music has been lauded as being inspirational while also being entertaining. In a lot of ways his lyrics serve as a cautionary tale that warns against the consequences of street life, but his stories go well beyond that. Even people who haven’t had to come up through the struggle will be able to relate on some level with the stories that Sonny weaves through his songs.  

Sonny said he has more music coming out this year, as well as music videos.


To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:
“Running This Country”


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