January 28, 2022

Boelyfe Jaine “Flossin” (Video)

Boelyfe Jaine and Black Forbes List Entertainment announce the video release for “Flossin.” The Chicago-based rapper is showing off her earned shine from a poolside mansion and cathedral ceilings to lifesize Nipsey art and day ones playing pool and popping bottles. Boelyfe is boldly flossin’ so haters can keep talking about her every move. Her stance and lyrical deliverance exude striking confidence in sync with the track’s melodies. Watch “Flossin” and connect with Boelyfe Jaine below.

VEVO channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCHnOqk8h91Folsml0hwpQPA

Instagram: https://instagram.com/boelyfe_jaine?utm_medium=copy_link

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