Post: Steps To Healing Your Inner Child

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to healing from childhood trauma, as the approach that works for one person may not work for another. However, some general strategies can be helpful in dealing with this type of trauma.

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What is trauma?

Trauma is a response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelmed the lasting effects of trauma.

How does trauma manifest?

There are a number of ways that trauma can manifest in someone’s life. Some of the more common manifestations include:

Intrusive thoughts or memories

  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Avoidance of certain places, people, or activities
  • Hypervigilance
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Depression and hopelessness
  • Anger and irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Dissociation

What are some things you can do to heal from trauma?

Acknowledge what happened

The first step in healing from childhood trauma is to acknowledge that it occurred. This can be difficult, especially if you have denied it for a long time. However, it is essential in order to begin the process of healing.

Understand that you are not alone

It is common to feel isolated and alone when dealing with childhood trauma. However, it is important to understand that you are not alone in this experience. There are many others who have gone through similar experiences and who understand what you are going through.

Seek professional help

If you are struggling to cope with your trauma on your own, seek professional help. A therapist can provide you with support and guidance as you work through your trauma.

Join a support group

There are many support groups available for those who have experienced childhood trauma. Joining a group can provide you with invaluable support and insight from others who have been through similar experiences.

Avoid numbing yourself with substances

It is common to turn to alcohol or drugs to numb childhood trauma’s pain. However, this will only serve to further compound the problem. It is important to find healthy ways to cope with your pain.

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Work on building trust

If you have difficulty trusting people, working on this issue with a therapist may be helpful. Trust is an important part of any relationship and can be difficult to rebuild if it has been damaged.

Heal your inner child

Many people who have experienced childhood trauma carry the pain of their experiences into adulthood. Therefore, it is important to work on healing your inner child in order to move forward in your life.

Practice self-care

It is essential to practice self-care when healing from childhood trauma. This includes taking time for yourself, doing things that make you happy, and getting proper rest and nutrition.

Identify your triggers

Trauma can be triggered by certain people, places, or things. It is important to be aware of your triggers and to avoid them if possible. If you cannot avoid them, learn how to cope with them in a healthy way.

Address your fears

Many people who have experienced trauma live in fear. It is important to work on addressing your fears in order to move past them. This may include facing your fears head-on or learning new coping skills.

Work through your grief

Grief is a natural reaction to loss. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one or your innocence, it is important to allow yourself to grieve to begin the healing process.

Forgive yourself

It is common to feel guilty and ashamed after experiencing trauma. However, it is important to forgive yourself in order to move on. This may be difficult, but it is an essential part of the healing process.

Forgive those who have hurt you

Forgiving those who have hurt you can be difficult, but it is an important step in the healing process. It is important to remember that forgiveness is not condoning their actions but rather letting go of the anger and pain they have caused you.

Connect with nature

Spending time in nature can help to promote healing. There is something about being in nature that can help to calm the mind and body.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a technique that can help you to focus on the present moment and to let go of thoughts and emotions that are not helpful. This can be beneficial when healing from trauma.

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Eat a healthy diet

It is important to eat a healthy diet when healing from trauma. Eating nutritious foods can help to improve your mood and promote healing.

Use a self administered emdr

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of therapy that can help you to process and heal from trauma. It involves using bilateral stimulation (usually eye movements) to help the brain process and heal from trauma. EMDR can be done with a therapist or by using a self-administered tool such as the Emdrify app.

Write about your experiences

Writing about your experiences can be therapeutic. It can help you to process and make sense of your experiences. Writing can also help you to release emotions that you may be holding onto.

Make art

Expressing yourself through art can be helpful when healing from trauma. In addition, art can be used as a way to express emotions that you may be struggling to put into words.

Read self-help books or articles

There is a wealth of information available in self-help books and articles. Reading about other people’s experiences and how they have coped can be helpful. It can also provide you with new perspectives and ideas for healing.

Use relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can help to reduce stress and promote healing. They can also be helpful in moments when you are feeling overwhelmed or triggered.

Spend time with animals

Spending time with animals can be therapeutic. Animals can provide you with companionship and unconditional love. They can also help to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Do something that makes you happy

Doing things that make you happy can help to improve your mood and promote healing. Find activities that bring you joy and make them a part of your healing journey.

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