Post: How To Prepare For Your First Date

How To Prepare For Your First Date 

No matter how many first dates you have been on, they never seem to get any easier. There is the anticipation, the nerves, the not knowing what to wear or what to say. There is the worry that there will be awkward silences or that you – or they – will say the wrong thing. There is a lot to think about when it comes to getting this date right, and a lot to consider, especially if you want there to be a second date and more. 

The thing that really makes first dates much harder than they need to be is any lack of preparation. If you have spent the time preparing, you will feel a lot less nervous and more ready to enjoy yourself, and if you can do that, you will come across as a lot more natural, which always helps. Here are some great tips on how to prepare for a first date so that you can focus on what is happening in the moment and have a better time. 


There are absolutely no excuses for going on a date without having had a shower and washing your hair. It’s also a good idea to brush your teeth (even if you’re not anticipating a kiss at the end of the date, having clean teeth and good breath is still important). If your nails need clipping, then do that too, and don’t forget to clean underneath them. Use deodorant too, and perhaps some perfume or cologne if that is your preference. Don’t wear these additional things if you don’t usually, though – you do need to be yourself. 

Being clean will give you more confidence, and confidence (although take care not to be over-confident as this can put people off) is key on a first date, and life in general. If you aren’t convinced about why you would need to make yourself clean and presentable, think about first impressions. If your date turned up looking unkempt and scruffy, would you think well of them? It’s unlikely. First impressions are so very important, so make the most of the one you have. 

Be Comfortable 

A mistake that many people make when getting ready for a first date is to wear clothing that they think the other person will like, or something that is fashionable at the moment, rather than something they will be comfortable in. Dressing comfortably is extremely important; if you are wearing something that you aren’t used to, or that rubs, or that is awkward to sit still in, you won’t be able to think of anything but that, and you might miss out on parts of conversation. Not only that, but you will want to go home a lot earlier than you might others, simply because your clothes are uncomfortable. 

The same is true for shoes and accessories. If you usually wear makeup then wear it for your date. If you don’t usually wear it, then there is no need for you to do so if it will make you uncomfortable. If you like wearing contact lenses, use them. If you like lots of jewelry, then wear it, and if not, don’t. If you feel more confident when you’ve had laser hair removal from, that’s something to organize before your date too. 

Whatever you do, you need to be yourself and be comfortable, but you also need to look smart to make that good first impression. There will be a perfect balance to be found, but this is why preparation is so important. 


Smiling is a great thing to practice on a daily basis, even if it’s not something that you usually do. The more you smile – even if you don’t really think there is much to smile about – the easier and more natural it will become. Smiling will lift your mood, and it will make you seem more friendly and approachable. These are all good reasons to smile as much as you can. Smiling when you’re getting ready for your date, and on the way to the date, will help you to keep smiling all the way through. 

Have Questions Ready 

One of the things that worries people a lot about a first date is conversation drying up. Sometimes you will find someone you can talk to virtually non-stop for hours and hours, but other times – and more usually – there will be silences. This is only natural; you have only just met one another, after all, and it can sometimes be difficult to think of things to say. This is why it can be a great idea to pre-prepare some questions for those moments when it all gets a bit quiet. 

When thinking of these questions, make them conversation starters rather than questions that can be answered with a quick yes or no. If you have these questions in mind, even if you don’t actually use them, then you can be a little more relaxed and the conversation will probably flow more easily anyway. 

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