December 5, 2023

Post: Making Health Top of Your 2023 Resolutions

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Coming up with your new years resolutions? Your resolutions should revolve around the concept of making positive changes to your lifestyle and routine that will improve your existence in some way or another. There are plenty to choose from, but why not consider health related goals for 2023? Being healthy opens a world of opportunity to you, allowing you to enjoy life with minimal physical, mental or emotional problems posing as hurdles. There are also endless ways to improve and work on your health. Here are a few that you might like to take into consideration!

5 a Day

Let’s start simple. Getting your five a day may seem common sense and straightforward, but do you genuinely get five portions of fruit and veg each and every day? This is a target that so many people fail to hit and it results in you missing out on many nutrients that will help your body to thrive. Do what you can to get five portions into your diet every single day. Whether that’s fruit with your breakfast, vegetables as snacks, a delicious smoothie or plenty of veg in the sides of your lunch and dinner. The more variety the better!

8 Hours

Are you getting eight hours of sleep a night? Again, this seems like a straightforward task, but so many people shortchange themselves when it comes to sleep. The issue often tends to be distraction. Going to bed too late and still having to get up early. Instead, set yourself a bedtime and get yourself into a good night time routine. Avoid caffeine past the afternoon. Avoid blue light exposure in the lead up to bedtime. Create a comfortable sleeping environment for yourself.

150 Minutes

You should be getting roughly 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercide each week. This may sound like a lot, but spaced out over seven days, it really is easily achievable. Find exercise that you like and can actually look forward to. Join a gym or club. Find classes, such as iFlex Assisted Stretching. Set yourself a schedule. If you find it hard to commit, you may want to consider hiring a personal trainer who can come up with an individualised plan, show you the ropes and push you during sessions.

10,000 Steps

As part of your exercise routine, you may want to try getting 10,000 steps a day. This can help to not only keep you fit, but can encourage you to get out and about too. Choose a safe and scenic route and get walking. Alternatively, you could walk rather than driving to nearby destinations, such as the corner shop or friend’s houses. A pedometer should be able to help you keep track!

2 Litres

Two litres of water a day can help you to keep hydrated. Do what you can to keep your water levels topped up. Carry a reusable water bottle with you, wherever you go, and sip regularly. You can even set notifications our reminders on your phone to remind you through the day.

The above steps really could help you to achieve any health goals that you set yourself heading into 2023.

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