February 27, 2024

New Zealand’s Aroly Tariq Releases “Perspective” Single & Video

Aroly Tariq, an award-winning songwriter, singer, and producer releases her self-directed animated film clip for her her single “Perspective.” The New Zealand-based artist says the record is based on the point-of-view shift of don’t be sad it’s gone, be grateful it happened. “I produced and visually created everything, which is a beautiful way to execute a concept, because there’s no artistic compromise, as opposed to working collaboratively with others. I’m loving how much I learn about production with every song I make. For example, I never thought I would use a horn sample, but this song really would be empty without it, and it’s also a reminder that songs tend to write themselves and find their own way as they grow.”

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7fQfm44j3utdiRPMQ7NDj4

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