Post: Are You A Creative Entrepreneur?

For those who have multiple creative outlets and want to do something with all of those skills but aren’t sure what – it might be time to think about creative entrepreneurship. Many people who are creative have a natural drive to do something with the skills they have. They have an urge to see their art on the walls in the homes of others; some love to see people wearing their designs – a creative drive is a powerful thing. 

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So, how can you turn your creative passions into something that really makes an impact? And what does a creative entrepreneur even do? 

What does a creative entrepreneur do? 

Entrepreneurs, by nature, love to think up and launch businesses; they run the whole show, thinking up the product, making it, and selling it. They are driven by building successful businesses.

So, let’s add the creative bit in there. A creative entrepreneur uses their creativity to create, solve problems, make things beautiful, and be innovative. A typical goal is to create something that makes an impact – it makes a difference. 

What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a creative entrepreneur? 

Typically, an entrepreneur is very focused on profits, which is the marker for success, while a creative entrepreneur is prone to caring more about the impact of the work that they do. That is not to say an entrepreneur doesn’t care about impact or innovation or that a creative entrepreneur isn’t focused on the profits. But the drivers are usually different. 

Both types of entrepreneurs can be highly successful in their pursuits. It is sometimes the case that creatives will explore many other things at the same time as running their company. Community projects, volunteering, work-shopping, and even how their creativity and experience can do good for others by way of Healing Arts Practitioner Programs.

What are the different types of creative entrepreneurs? 

A creative entrepreneur is a broad term, and it covers a lot of different types of entrepreneurs. Maybe one of the below will resonate with you and help you to plan your future path: 


You express yourself through performance, and it might be on stage or via social media. 


The written word is your jam, and you create a lot of written works; this could work for digital content creative and marketing. 


Recording your music, sharing it online, songwriting, and more. 


Photography, sculpting, painting, and even interior design. 


You are constantly coming up with new ideas, challenging what already is, and looking to develop things to make them better. 

How do I start a creative business? 

The answer is that if you are passionate about what you do and you do it well, you can start a business to sell that thing. Take a course in entrepreneurship or business, and learn about the experiences of others through their work and books. Find a mentor who is already successful in that field, and work on networking and collaborations. Put yourself and your work out there: How To Take The Plunge With Starting Your Own Business | SheBloggin

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