Husband and Wife Real Estate Team Are Bridging The Wealth Gap One Social Media Post At A Time 

Terrance and Demeeka Cobb are the Founders of BGW Home Team, also known as @marriedrealtors_florida to their large social media following. This real estate power couple started posting on social media in November 2020 with the mission of  helping everyone Build Generational Wealth through homeownership, and since then their vision has taken off with almost 700k followers and over 200 million video views across Instagram and Tiktok in the last 18 months. 

From homeownership to investment opportunities, many families have been excluded from the American Dream and BGW Home Team is here to change the narrative one social media post at a time. Demeeka, the face of BGW Home Team, aka @marriedrealtors_florida, is very intentional about providing tips and step by step videos that make buying a home simple, which provides a window into real estate that most of her followers wouldn’t know about. Her energy radiates through every video and she’s not afraid to look silly and show off her lack of dancing skills to get her message across. 

In a recent interview, Demeeka said, “I truly love what I do and being able to serve my community has been therapeutic for me. Even if I don’t get to meet each person, I know there are many people that wouldn’t have purchased their first home without my videos and that gives me all the energy I need to keep going.” 

Terrance and Demeeka make it clear that having the right Realtor and lender are the keys to becoming a homeowner. The Realtor you choose should be educated on the different ways to qualify and should be able to explain these options to you. Many buyers don’t know they can qualify with less than perfect credit and those with less than 20% down can still become a homeowner. For those with minimal savings, there are also options for down payment assistance and seller assistance that can help too. 

Buying a home is a big decision that requires careful thought and consideration, but it can also be one of the most rewarding decisions. BGW Home Team is big on industry transparency and their comedic approach helps their followers make informed decisions that give them the extra confidence they need to become a homeowner. 

For nationwide real estate news, tips and information, follow BGW Home Team (@marriedrealtors_florida) on Instagram and Tiktok or visit to start your journey today.
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