New Music: The Gift Drops New RnB Single “Waste Your Time”

Emerging RnB singer-songwriter, The Gift, known offstage as Ty Young, is set to release his latest single, “Waste Your Time.” This track offers an unflinchingly honest look into his tumultuous romantic history, blending RnB and Hip Hop vibes with lyrics that cut to the heart of toxic relationships.

After becoming the subject of multiple women’s stories in the popular Facebook group, “Are We Dating the Same Guy,” The Gift decided it was time to share his side of the story. “Waste Your Time” delves into his experiences of emotional entanglements, where lines blurred between friendship and romance, and feelings were left unreciprocated.

Through this single, The Gift aims to bring awareness to men’s flaws and spark conversations about accountability in relationships. He sheds light on the complex dynamics of modern dating, where intentions often get lost, and hearts are inadvertently broken.

“Waste Your Time” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt confession and a call for honesty and self-reflection among men. The Gift’s raw and relatable storytelling promises to resonate with listeners who have navigated the murky waters of love and heartache.

Stream “Waste Your Time” on all major platforms and join the conversation about the realities of modern dating and the importance of accountability in relationships.

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