Post: 9 Things To Consider When Getting Cosmetic Surgery

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Augmentation is a great way to feel better about yourself. You can change or enhance aspects of your body that you feel aren’t right. In addition, there are physical and mental health benefits to certain surgeries. But there are a few things to consider when getting cosmetic surgery.

Think Carefully about any Changes

First and foremost, you should carefully consider what you are doing. Of course, most cosmetic surgery is relatively harmless, such as your breast implant size, and can be changed or is reversible if you don’t like the results. But some procedures will cost more money to amend, and you will likely take a long time to recover. Additionally, some could leave permanent scars and damage. Further, even if you are happy with the results, you will need to adjust to any changes you make. However, most surgeries offer quality aftercare as part of the package.

Always Speak to an Expert when Getting Cosmetic Surgery

Changing anything on your body is subconsciously and sometimes seriously traumatic. Even if you don’t realize it, you are making profound changes to your physical appearance. And this can affect your mental health. Additionally, you might not require cosmetic surgery in the first place and experience disorders such as body dysmorphia. Because of this, it is always advised that you speak to a mental health expert before committing to changes you might later regret. Further, your body and mind don’t reach full maturity until the age of 25.

Weigh Up the Costs of Your Treatment

In exceptional circumstances in nations with a national health service, you can get cosmetic surgery for free. These include severe injury from an accident or criminal offense, a congenital issue, or severe depression caused by self-image. But you will usually have to pay a considerable amount of money for any cosmetic surgery. For example, dermal fillers alone can cost thousands, and you need repeat visits. Additionally, you will need time to recover from any surgery. Recovery times can be a while, so you need enough money to support yourself.

Always Research Your Practice

You should choose a reputable and reliable cosmetic practitioner for every procedure. Even simple techniques like lip enhancement can cause severe problems if done incorrectly. Any practitioner you choose should have the relevant training and experience for the procedures you want. Additionally, they should also hold the necessary insurance policies that extend to you should anything go wrong. Any decent practitioner will let you see them for a consultation. And they will also inform you what to expect following successful completion.

Ask Many Questions of Your Surgeon

Researching a practitioner is a little bit of a challenge. You can use Google and Trustpilot to read reviews, but they aren’t 100% reliable. Therefore, you need to see your practitioner in person and ask them questions about your procedures. Some questions to ask include:

  • Are you certified by the appropriate licensing boards?
  • How often have you carried out operations of this nature?
  • Have you received any specialized training in plastic surgery?
  • Where will you carry out my procedure, and how?
  • What are the possible side effects and risks of my procedure?

Any reputable and experienced practitioner, from laser hair removal technicians to rhinoplasty specialists, will be able to answer questions clearly and confidently. If they cannot, or you don’t feel comfortable, then thank them for their time and leave immediately.

Consider the Recovery Time

All cosmetic surgeries have an associated recovery time. For example, even simple Botox injections can take up to 2 weeks for a full recovery. And breast implants can take up to 6 weeks. During this time, you cannot engage in typical activities, which includes work. Therefore you need to consider the recovery time as much as the procedure itself. Your employer may not be willing to give you the time off for a non-medical procedure. Or at least you may not be paid for the time off. So make sure you have enough money in the bank for loss of earnings.

Check for Non-Permanent Alternatives

There are usually non-permanent alternatives to most cosmetic surgery procedures. If you have your heart set on a specific procedure, you can try a non-permanent one before committing to see how you like it. For example, you can try fat grafting rather than implants to lift your breasts. The results aren’t permanent, and you need multiple treatments. But you can at least see what your breasts will look like following a procedure. Or, if you don’t like your teeth (which most people don’t), consider clip-on veneers rather than orthodontic treatment.

Stay Away from Social Media when Getting Cosmetic Surgery

Social media is a great way to share stories and catch up with friends. But it’s also a minefield of misinformation, disinformation, and completely false “facts.” Therefore it’s not a good idea to research or ask about cosmetic surgery on sites like Facebook. And steer clear of ads offering discounts or processes that are too good to be true for cosmetic treatments. Additionally, be extra careful about any products promoted by your favorite social media celebrities and influencers. They are paid to praise and advertise specific brands and products and don’t care.

Give Yourself More Time to Consider

Having any kind of cosmetic treatment is an experience. From simple lip-filling to complex liposuction, you are making decisions to drastically change how you look. So you should take the time to consider how any procedure will impact your life. For example, your physical appearance will change, and you will be glad for it. But you also might not. And physical changes you don’t like will cause depression and anxiety. So if you’re not 100% sure about a procedure, give it more time. Any reputable practitioner will never pressure you into a decision. 


Permanent procedures shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, there are some things you should consider when getting cosmetic surgery. These include speaking to doctors and mental health experts before making a decision, whether you have the time, and non-permanent alternatives.

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