Post: Why You Need To Be Careful On Social Media

Social media and the internet, in general, have been wonderful places where we can share information, connect with people, and open up a world of possibilities. On the other hand, the internet has proved to be a dark place that can make or break a person. Some of us have discovered the hard way why you should be careful with the information that you post online.

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It can end your career

We have all heard the stories of a tweet gone wrong and someone losing a job over it. There have been plenty of disgruntled employees sounding off on social media about their sucky job, only to realise that their boss has read everything. However, if you find yourself climbing the ladder adn are worried about a few tweets you made when you were young and stupid, you need to hire a reputation management agency to check through your internet history and make sure your don’t have a tweet that could get your fired from your dream job.

Online dating is questionable

How many times have to set up a date after meeting someone on a dating app for them to be nothing like their profile. Or worse, they tried to get some nudes in their first message. There are dating sites that try their best to combat the toxic behavior that can be directed at women. But there are plenty more that turn a blind eye when it comes to online harassment. Over the years, women have set up a code to help each other out and call out behavior when they can. 

Self esteem can take a dip

Using social media can be a great source of inspiration but it can also be a place where your self-esteem goes to die. Some people base their self esteem on the amount of likes their posts get or the positive comments. We thrive on attention. However, if you are not getting the likes and comments that you expect, it can be disheartening. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to help change how the scoal likes and shares affect us. 

The trolls

On the back of our previous point, there are plenty of people who thrive on any type of attention, especially negative. They will take to the comment section of any post and pour nothing but vile hatred on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Some people can shrug it off and hit the block button faster than you can scream “there’s a troll in the dungeon” at the comments. For most people, having an unprovoked attack is not just shocking, it’s downright damaging to their mental health. There are people who have taken their lives over online comments and internet trolling. 

If you feel that social media is not the best place for your mental health, you might need to take a step back and reassess how it impacts your life. If you need someone to talk to there, there are mental health organisations to help you with your feelings.

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