(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Rich Quick – Buy Me A Beer @RichMFNQuick

Pennsylvania artist Rich Quick gives us “Buy Me A Beer”, produced by Chicago’s Rediculus for his submission today. Check it out below.

Hit the jump to see what Wendy Day had to say about this post.

From Wendy:

I love his bouncy flow and I love his name! Rich Quick! Niiiiice. The flow is perfect for this beat, but I’m not really lovin’ the beat. I know every hip hop head is reading this saying “are you nuts?!” But I came up during 90s hip hop, so when I hear beats like this it doesn’t excite me. Been there, heard it then. Ridiculous is a great producer though, that’s not meant to dis him at all. Anyway, Rich rides the beat perfectly, almost seemingly without breathing.

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