(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Video: Yusuke – Cherry Blossom Tears @yusukexmusic

To kick off this week’s Tastemaker Tuesdays is a new video from Seattle rapper, Yusuke for his single, “Cherry Blossom Tears”, produced by Ōkami Hanzo. This will be appearing on their collaborative EP, “Manga Music 2”.

From Sabrina:

Love the track. It’s chill, and I always like to have a playlist to drive to when I’m traveling. I would add this to my playlist for sure.

But the video? Does not match up with the quality of song at all.
#1 Lips are not in sync with the lyrics – a big no no.
#2 I can tell you are using presets or unnecessary editing techniques – vignette, slow motion (if you need to do this, please use a professional plug-in)
#3 I get the purple layer, but again…use professional color correction.

The song is dope. Get the visuals on point though. That is key.

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