Video: Haze – Nothing in Return | @HAZE_AZ

Video: Haze – Nothing in Return

Video: Haze – Nothing in Return
Video: Haze – Nothing in Return

Short Bio:

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I began playing the saxophone at 6 years old. I started getting into Hip Hop culture around the age of 12 and soon after began writing lyrics. I didn’t take it too seriously until my mother passed away when I was only 17. It was then when I realized that it is my sole purpose in life; to spread positivity through my music and help uplift others around me who have also experienced hardships and loss. Now, at the age of 24 I am soon to release my short, 4 song, debut EP, titled “Smooth Ascension” where I fuse both my saxophone and vocals in a unique way. In order to promote the EP I released a music video for my single, titled “Nothing In Return” where I delve into the concept of unconditional love. In the song, I ask the listener what is real love? Do you truly love yourself and others? Because, if you really think about it, real unconditional love expects nothing in return. In order to truly love someone or something (music) you have to love it just for the sake of loving without the expectation of gaining anything from it. That is real love.


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