(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Alex Aff – Escape @ImAlexAffMayne

Durham, North Carolina rising star Alex Aff is on a roll and returns this week with a new joint titled “Escape”, which he also produced. This song is about being a young dude from a poverty stricken environment/city that is trying to escape the temptations and the potential of failure, by pursing what he believes his purpose is. This will be appearing on his upcoming “Forever” project dropping in October. Reality rap. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “(Tastemaker Tuesdays) Alex Aff – Escape @ImAlexAffMayne

  1. I’ve been following Alex Aff for a while via soundcloud and your blasts and I’m glad homie is doing his own production now, it can really help is sound enhance. Bars never lack. Pretty good.

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