Ricky Davaine -“The Forest EP” @rickydavaine

Memphis, TN has the heat! Ricky Davaine is part of the reason the sound of the South cannot be imitated. “The Forest EP” smartly features two innovative producers, Dr. Flow and Young Sage, who provided interesting waves throughout the full set. Conscious lyrics on singles “Run” and “Blank” contain earfuls of knowledge, Davaine’s personal history, and his take on karma. Continuing to listen, run up on the amazing voice of Jalen Harris perfectly fitted and featured on “Maze“.  Fun track “Like I Own It” is a definite must hear for those who love to represent and support their hometown. Lastly, “P.L.U.M.” makes it undeniable that “The Forest EP” was a well thought out project. The effort is so appreciated, One Love. Follow Ricky Davaine now for performance and new material updates.


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