Southern Playas – Southern Playa Sh#t @SouthernPlayas

After months of solo releases, Savannah, Georgia native, Clay James and Greenville, South Carolina’s own, Messiah Da Rapper have teamed up to form the group,”SOUTHERN PLAYAS”. Already a Hit in the underground Atlanta Hip Hop scene, the group drops their debut video “Southern Playa Sh#t”.

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2 Thoughts to “Southern Playas – Southern Playa Sh#t @SouthernPlayas”

  1. Tony Geinzer

    Is there a lot of new talent coming out of Central and Southern Georgia and South Carolina that’s on the verge of rocking the next 25 Years in Hip Hop? I kind of want to see where the Record Label is focused or more focused on the market vs. spinning artists left and right and what would have been the cultural benefit if every market had like what P. Diddy did in NYC or Dr. Dre in LA , especially in Chicago, for Eastern Iowa.

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