Change is tough. The feeling of uncertainty can make some anxious, but also make others rise to the occasion.

One of Delaware’s top R&B artists is a shining example of consistency in the face of uncertainty, and now his efforts are beginning to pay off.

Newark native Jay LaVita, 25, is a writer, producer and rising R&B star that found a way to work through adversity and made the tough choice to change his situation.

Jay Lavita discovered a love for music at an early age. With his parents playing the likes of Diana Ross and the Supremes, Deniece Williams, Sade the Temptations amongst other artists, Jay wanted to capture the magic of song that those artists brought to life. At the age of 10, Jay started to record himself with a microphone and a computer. By the age of 12, he was recording in professional studios and learning how to hone his craft.


Upon entering high school, Jay Lavita’s talents had developed to a level in which he was offered contracts by various record labels. Unfortunately, Jay learned quickly that his hard work and passion for music was not shared by any of these labels therefore, he decided to embark on his career by his lonesome.


Writing, recording and booking himself for shows was the task that Jay chose to take on himself. It was a daunting task but his accomplishments started to accumulate. Sharing the stage with the likes of Earth Wind and Fire, Flo-Rida and performing at the Apollo. Jay was on the road to success.

Recently, LaVita’s journey as a music artist has landed him a contract with Starr Media Publishing in New York City where he records with Grammy-award winning engineer Ariel Borujow. Jay Lavita has found a home where he can solely concentrate on what he fell in love with as a child…. the magic of music.




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