February 21, 2024

New Video: Aris- Need That | @Arishursey

New Video: Aris- Need That

Many rappers come on the scene and learn about the industry through experience, fortunately Aris Hurley was born with it! The 5 foot 7 uncaged was born November 19th in 1992. His passion for music is felt in his lyrics and his fans connect with him well.

Aris began entertaining at a young age, he performed in plays and talent shows that were filled with all walks of life in front of numerous different types of audiences. He now gives us the privilege of hearing the North’s and the South musical hip hop voices clash together to give you a sound that has created the lane for Aris Hurley.

Aris is a part of the new age of rappers that is taking the industry by storm and delivering messages that feed the soul. Aristhinks back to how it all started at an elementary fifth grade lunch table, not knowing that later in life he would give the world not only a new artist, but a new hip hop icon.

When you find artist that strive to make a difference in their communities, you know you have a diamond in the rough. 2017 is already marked and it has Aris’s name all over it! The new single “NEED THAT” is set to release on February 21st and the fans are anticipating the video right behind it.

The Bloomington Illinois native is currently in Atlanta Georgia and climbing the latter of successful quite rapidly. The strong-willed student and artist is now attending college at Georgia State University and giving his peers someone positive to learn with as well as be a mentor to some.

Aris created a masterpiece and on 2/21 the world will be able to witness “When It’s Real” on every digital platform.

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